Your Successes is a list of achievements that can be completed in the game. A longer list of achievements can be found here and here. There are currently 1349 achievements

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This overview shows you special successes that you can accomplish or have already accomplished. News awaits you in your success list whenever the red exclamation mark shows up! You can also take a look at the successes of other players. To do so just visit the profile of the desired player and click on "Successes".

Below are some achievement lists and tips.

Shopping Frenzy Edit

Shopping Frenzy rewards
number notes spent reward
I 100 Item
II 500 3 Skill points
III 1000 20 Diamonds
IV 2500 Item
V 5000 40 Diamonds
VI 10,000 50 Diamonds
VII 25,000 Item
VIII 50,000 6 Skill points
IX 75,000 40 Diamonds
X 100,000 6 Skill points
XI 250,000 Item
XII 500,000 60 Diamonds
XIII 1,000,000 Item
XIV 2,000,000 40 Diamonds
XV 3,000,000 Item
XVI 4,000,000 80 Diamonds
XVII 5,000,000 9 Skill points
XVIII 7,500,000 Item
XIX 10,000,000 9 Skill points
XX 15,000,000 80 Diamonds

Tips: The 15 million notes success is easier to reach at a higher level, such as level 200.
If you save up a large amount of notes, you can complete more achievements in one go. For example, spending 1 million notes in one day will complete all the unearned Shopping Frenzy achievements up to and including the 1 million one.
You can save up to or over 15 million notes and wait for the "Buy skill points" Temple competition to spend them in one day.

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Shopping frenzy rewards

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