In November 2019, Streaming was introduced, which replaced Work.

Work allows you to earn notes over time, usually 10 hours.
While work is progressing, a certain amount of notes is added to the total, shown as a meter that fills slowly.
After 10 hours, the meter is full and no further notes are added until the money is collected and work is started again.
The amount of notes that you earn per hour is based on your level, and increases when your level goes up.
There is no penalty for collecting notes before the meter is full, so you can collect early and the 10 hour timer will reset.

The display shows you how much you are currently earning per hour, the meter with how many notes you have so far and the maximum.
Underneath the meter is a (5 minute) countdown with how long before another amount of notes are added. At the bottom is shown how long until the maximum amount of notes are reached with the time it is expected to finish.

Clicking the Collect button stops the work done. A summary is shown with the amount of time worked and total amount of notes earned. Click the OK button to close the window.

Help Text Edit

No star can withstand a few extra notes for the next shopping spree. Good thing there are plenty of part-time jobs in Tellville, which you can follow up on whenever you have time.

The longer you stay in a job, the more notes you can cash in from your clients. After a few hours, however, also the most lucrative part-time job gets boring - then it is time to collect your notes and to devote yourself to a new pursuit.

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