This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, copied from the Big Bang Empire UK forum FAQ - Game Guide

Basics Edit

What types of avatars can you select in BBE? Edit

Before registering to the game, you can select the gender of your avatar, like you see here below:

After selecting your gender, you can also change your appearance to your liking. Your selected appearance will be just to the left of the selection options, like below:

Please bear in mind, that once you choose your gender, you can not change this anymore throughout the game. So this is why this selection is so important.

Avatar name Edit

After you pick the appearance of your Porn Star, you will be asked for a name, your email address, and for your initial password. Fill out the fields, read our terms of service if you like, and then agree to abide by the terms of service by clicking the button.

Your name must meet our community standards. While this is an adult game, your name cannot be be a curse, or be an offensive, vulgar or obscene expression. Our terms of service for each English Language server can be clicked below:




Nutaku: (Important: There are two terms of service here, one for Big Bang Empire itself, and the other for the Nutaku aggregation service.)

(Yes, it is true, there is no actual US1. Don't ask.)

IMPORTANT: You can change your email address and your password at will, but your avatar's name cannot be changed except in dire emergency, and then only by support. Support will NOT change your name just because you ask! If your name needs to change, support will tell YOU. Make sure you like the name you pick!

You must also agree to the terms of Big Bang Empire's Privacy Policy before your character is finally created.

Our privacy policies can be read at:





After agreeing to the privacy policy, your Porn Star career awaits you! Welcome to the game, and to the tutorial!

Avatar description Edit

One of the most obvious things other players can see about you is your description. You can see your current description on your character page, which you can reach from the first icon on your activity bar.

Your description is kind of boring at first. To change it, click anywhere within the text field.

This brings up a screen that lets you enter a more interesting description. There is also a notes field. Anything you type in the description field will be visible to all other players. What you type in the Notes field will be private to you.

You can enter almost everything in your description, subject to the server TOS. Check your servers Terms of Use document for more specific information. But in general, you may not include the following in your description:

  • Curses, profanity or obscene expressions, as well as explicit erotic content
  • Political or religious statements, particularly for recruitment or proselytizing
  • Offensive, slanderous, defamatory, threatening or otherwise annoying allusions, comments or illustrations
  • Third party materials protected by copyright or trademark law (without the express written permission of these people);
  • Links to commercial websites of third parties
  • Advertising (spam) including raffles, competitions or other sweepstakes, or pointers to patreon or similar sites
  • Cheat or hack programs or information or links to such programs or to Internet pages affirming that they have programs which misuse user passwords
  • Other information which, at Playata GmbH's own discretion, is deemed to be age-inappropriate or unsuitable for this Internet page.

Please be especially careful of descriptions intended to goad or upset opponents. No one is going to make you post nice things about people you don't like, but so-called 'description wars' tend to escalate, sometimes to the point where sanctions are necessary. A description war is a poor reason for anyone to lose an avatar.

The Messaging System Edit

Big Bang Empire is a social game. One way to interact with other players is through the messaging system. You will find a letter icon in the upper right of your screen, next to your level bar. arrow pointing to letter icon

This brings up the messaging screen. There are four main tabs in the messaging system. The first two tabs show you all the messages you have received from, or sent to, all your friends. You can read, delete, or filter your messages using the operational icons at the bottom.

Clicking on the read button brings up a screen showing you the message. The buttons along the bottom allow you to respond to the message, forward it to others, look at the sender's character profile, delete the message, or report it. (More on reporting messages in the next post.)

The third tab in the messaging system is labelled Requests. At present, this feature allows you to send batteries to your friends. You will find out more about batteries later on in this tutorial. At present, note that your friends want them, it costs you nothing to give them away, and in fact you can actually gain rewards for giving away lots of them!

Ignoring messages and reporting players for in-game issues Edit

Occasionally, players use the messaging system in an unfriendly manner. If that happens, you can ignore the message (and all further messages from that player), and/or you can report that player to the administrators of the game.

Pressing the ignore button places the player who sent you the note onto your ignore list. You will no longer see messages from that player. If you made a mistake, you may reinstate that player on the fourth tab of the messaging system by selecting their name and using the unignore button.

(If you want to ignore studio invitations, no matter who they come from, click the check box shown.)

Sometimes players go too far, and should be reported to the game administrators. Threats of violence, defamation, harassment, unwanted solicitation, or phishing attacks should be reported using the REPORT button.

To finish the report, fill out the reason for your report, and supply your email address so support can contact you for further information if necessary.

A word of caution: Be very careful about following links sent to you from unknown persons using the messaging systems, and do NOT log in to any such pages! Phishing attacks have been known to happen, from unscrupulous people trying to steal your account and your diamonds. Be smart, protect your account, and report any such attempts to technical support immediately!

How to report a player to forum moderators Edit

How to report a player, post or private message in the forum, to forum moderators

In the forum here, you are able to report a post to the moderators, or even a private message or person, if their behaviour is against the forum rules, to be found here [1]

For a post, you can see the report button at the bottom of ones post, as shown here:

If someone insults you through a private message, and really crossed the line, you can report them, basically the same way. At the bottom of their message, there's a mouse-hover sensitive report button, as shown here:

In worst case, when someone really crosses the line, you may report a player itself, through their profile.

First you go to their profile, and at the bottom you can see: report this player, as you can see below:

Please note, moderators will handle any report independent, fair, just and most of all, objective.

How to delete your account Edit

Are you sure you want to delete your account? If you are absolutely sure, here is a procedure that will let you delete your account, while retaining the ability to return to the game at a later point.

First, go to the crossed wrenches under the activity bar on your game screen:

This will pop up a menu, pick Account:

Pick the option to Delete Account:

You have to do two things on the next screen to protect your ability to restore your character at some future date: You must explicitly click the box to get a reactivation code, and you must confirm your password. Then press the Delete button to destroy your character.

IMPORTANT: If you do not get a reactivation code, it is very difficult or impossible to recover your account.

You will need to confirm one more time that you want to delete your account. (Did you remember to get a reactivation code?)

If you asked for a reactivation code, it will be shown to you on-screen immediately after you delete your character. WRITE IT DOWN CAREFULLY. (The reactivation code in this example is partially obscured.)

Should you decide to reactivate your account (Yay!), please contact support via a ticket, specifying this reactivation code.

Note that reactivating your account does not restore EVERYTHING. Immediately upon deleting your account, all your messages sent to other players will be erased. That text is not restored upon reactivating your account.

Note that since your messages are destroyed as soon as you delete, sending out a last minute goodbye note is not effective. Want to send a last minute farewell to an online lover? Or a finger to hated rival? It goes in the trash can as soon as you delete. If you want others to see your last words, you have to stay around long enough for them to read them.

How to change the language you play in (International Servers only) Edit

Go to settings, the crossed wrenches below your action bar

Select the Account option off the menu.

Click on the option to change language.

You will be shown the flag and language you already have selected. To change it, click on the flag, pick your new language from the popup menu. Then click to confirm your choice, and you are done!


Your star Edit

How to change your avatar's looks Edit

From time to time, you may want to change the way your star looks. This is a simple task, but does cost 5 diamonds per change.

Firstly, in 'Your Star' tab, click on the 'Your Style' Button:

Once here, you have five tabs to choose from. The first one is you facial looks, where you can change the shape of your head, shape and colour of your eyes, nose shape, mouth shape and size and skin colour. To scroll between the options, just click on the left or right arrows to find your perfect look!:

Remember, for any changes you make you have to click on the 'change' button before they will take effect, and they do cost 5 diamonds each!

The second tab is where you can change your hairstyle, with hair, eyebrows and accessory as the three changeable options here:

With your hair and eyebrows, you can also change the colour by first clicking on the colour square which represents your current colour. This brings up a popup pallet of 24 colour choices, which you can simply click on the one you would like as your new colour!

Next up, is the opportunity to add some body art with your choice of tattoo. When you click on the tattoo pen button, you can scroll through the styles available for each of your left and right arms and legs and your main body. Unlike the others, this change costs double at 10 diamonds for each tattoo!:

With this one, and indeed others, you may prefer to see your star without their clothes on. Rather than risk losing a duel due to stripping off, you can simply hide your clothes just in this section by unchecking the box by 'show clothing' and toggle them on and off as you please! This does not affect your star's in-game appearance or performance at any time.

The last tab you can make changes to your star's appearance is for your underwear, for those moments when you do choose to go almost nude in game! For the boys, you just get the one item that is changeable, as of course, the bra is only available on the girls:

If at any point, you decide you don't want to change your appearance, the big red X in the bottom right will cancel any pending changes and take you back to where you were in game. Once again, if you click 'change' any items you have made a change to, will be changed and 5 diamond per item charge will apply!

The fifth and final tab gives you the opportunity to purchase the right to hide your clothing. The first one, headgear, is automatically available, and you can choose to make hide your head wear from your star in-game by unchecking the box by the symbol. You can then come back later and click in the empty box to put the tick back in the box, and show your head wear once again. This is free to do as and when you want:

For your chest, belt, legs and shoes, the ability to hide these items must first be unlocked. By clicking on the 'unlock' button you will spend the relevant amount of diamond, and then you will have the check-box for that clothing type as with the head wear. Once you have made the purchase for that individual clothing type, you have unlocked the ability to show and hide whatever you are wearing from that category freely as often as you like.

Your character's skills, and how to use the skill box Edit

To control your character's attributes, or skills, click on the "Your Star" icon on your activity bar.

Find the Skill Box underneath your characters level and experience bar, in the upper left hand portion of this screen

You see four lines representing the different skills. For each skill, a bar is visible with the number of skill points you have.

Strength Every point you have here turns into one damage point when you strike an opponent.

Stamina Every point here gives you 10 health points in a fight.

Charisma Every point here increases your chance to critically hit your opponent, doing extra damage.

Finesse Every point here increases your chance to dodge an opponent's attack.

All skills are used in duels with other players, but skills are often tested directly by other parts of the game. There is no such thing as a bad skill point! They all will help you.

There are two main ways to add skill points. Certain game activities will reward you with so-called "free skills", and you can also use the in-game currency (called notes) to purchase skills.

You have to allocate all free skills before you can purchase any. The total number of free skills you have is listed to the right of each skill in the skill box. (Note that the example shows four free skill points total, not four free skill points per skill.)

You assign additional skill points by using the purple "+" sign next to a skill's total bar. Clicking on the plus sign will add one skill point, whether it is free or purchased. Hovering over the plus sign will show the cost (in notes), or that the skill point is free.

If you have a large number of skills to allocate, you will have the option to switch the plus sign to allocate 10 skill points per click.

Every time you purchase a skill point using notes, the cost of the next skill point for that skill will increase. High level players might spend hundreds of thousands of notes per skill point!

What are base skillpoints and how is a total stat built up? Edit

​Hover over any of the skills in your skill box, and the game shows a detailed breakdown of how your skill point total is derived.

Let's look at those components line by line:

Base skills, often called "basics". This means that 78 skill points have been allocated either from free skills, or purchased with notes. Note that Base Skills are very important! The number of base skills you have determines how much benefit you get from studio and personal bonuses, and make a big difference in your relative power versus other players in duels and studio fights. The equipment/clothing being worn adds another 728 skill points. Personal skill boosts add another 39 points. Note that this player is using the 50% skill boost, and thus gains skill points equal to half of their 78 base skills. Some equipment refinements add skill points, as a percentage of the base skills. This player has no such refinements. Studio bonuses from the facilities attribute of your studio. Again this is a percentage of base skills, in this case the studio facilities are at 35% bonus, for +28 skill points The sum of the base skills, equipment skills, and boosts is 873 skill points, which are what you see as the total strength in the skill box. Every skill shows this much summary information, producing the total skill points. However, two more items effect the amount of damage the player does with each hit, and this is also detailed under the strength stat hover box.

Damage gadget. The gadget item generates damage points explicitly. Missiles also produce damage. Note that one refinement adds bonus damage to missiles. If you are wearing that refinement, the total shown here will be the boosted damage after the bonus is calculated. Total damage is then added up. Note that this is the average amount of damage each hit will cause, but there is a random element that will change the actual damage up or down a little.

Level and experience Edit

Your Level and Experience (XP) are the indicators to the quality of your character within the game. These are shown in the top left corner of the page.

Your current level is shown in the Gold star. This increases as you gain experience throughout the game:

Your experience is shown as a pink bar, coming out from the star. The bar represents a percentage of the amount of experience you are towards the next level.

You can see how much experience you still need to get for the next level by hovering your mouse over the XP bar, and a additional information box will pop up, telling you how much XP you have, the total needed for the next level, and the amount still required before you level up:


What are successes and how do I finish them? Edit

While playing the game, you will complete a number of successes, in a range of different places. Indeed, there are currently a staggering 1349 successes to complete!

On this wiki, you can find a list of successes at Achievements.

You will find the list of successes by clicking on the envelope at the top right of the screen, next to your notes total:

while to left and below the Level bar is another smaller bar, showing the progress of one of your successes yet to be completed. When you click on the envelope, it takes you to the list of successes you are currently working towards. To choose the success you want to view the progress of above, just check the box to the left of that success on the list:

Your successes can be viewed all in one place, or split into five different sections; Star, Missions, Shop, Duels and Studio. The tabs to select which successes you wish to view are on the right of the screen, with an additional tab above for an Overview of your successes:

Each page will show four successes, and you can scroll up and down the list using the up and down arrows (highlighted orange). There is also a right pointing arrow (highlighted yellow) to the right of each success which will take you to a full description of that success.

If you want to look back at the successes you have already completed, you can do so by clicking on the 'Done' button at the top of the screen. Next to it is and 'Open' button for those successes that you are currently working towards:

Star Successes Edit

These successes require you to carry out every day tasks within the game, many of which happen as you play without little effort, and others are basic and routine tasks you should carry out regularly if you want your character to be successful:

CHARITY - involves sending batteries to your friends. Its quite simple, as you use your batteries, you request more from your friends, as they will from you. These requests will come through as a message under requests, and all you have to do is accept all the requests whenever you receive them.
HELP AMONG FRIENDS - is a success you will get for the first battery you send.
PORN CAREER - is all about levels. Each success here is a certain level that you reach, so just play the game, get as much experience as you can, keep levelling up and these successes will take care of themselves.
NO PAIN, NO GAIN - is a collection of successes based on the number of hours you have worked. Make sure you keep on top of your work by clicking on the news paper to earn your hourly wage!
ALL ROUNDER - is a skill points success. Each of these is based on achieving a certain level of points across each of the four skills (i.e. each skill must have reached the target at the same time).
A GOOD INVESTMENT - is a one off success you receive when you buy your first skill point.
JURY MEMBER - requires a little more work, as you earn these successes by voting for films, which you do by completing missions which have a ballot attached to them.
PREMIER PARTY - is a one off success you achieve when you complete your first film.
FILMOGRAPHY - is the success for producing films. Every film you make, of any length, regardless of you complete it to 1, 2 or 3 stars will count towards this success.
HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTION - however, is specific to those films that you complete to 3 star level, but again, any length.
FULL TIME ON - simply requires you to play the game. Every day you play moves you closer to the next target!
COME AGAIN - is a one off success you achieve on the second day you log on.
GOOD DAY, HOW IS IT GOING? - is awarded for simply visiting another players profile.
COMPETITION? WHERE! - is awarded for viewing the rankings list for the first time.
CHART STORMER - is a success you gain when you win 1st place at the Big Bang Awards with your Film of the week.
SHOPPING FRENZY - requires you to spend, spend, spend, but for one day only! Its best to work on this success during a temple competition that requires you to spend lots of notes, and plan in advance to spend everything in one day!
BADLY DRESSED IS SO YESTERDAY - is a success you receive when you are fully equipped with clothes etc.
FOOD FOR THE LENS - will be awarded when you have your photo taken.
PERMANENT BODY DECORATION - is a one off success that simply requires you to have a tattoo put on.
ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD - requires you to have something changed about your appearance.
DRESS MY HAIR - requires you to have your hair style changed.
ITS A PUSHOVER FOR YOU - is also a one off which is achieved by getting your first mission booster.
DOPING PERMITTED - is achieved by getting your first skill booster.
PROMOTION! - is achieved by getting your first work booster.

Shop Successes Edit

These successes are based around your activity in the Sex Shop:

FIRST NEW DELIVERY - is awarded the first time you refresh the items in the shop, which is free to do the first time each day.
SHOPPING TOUR - are successes that are awarded when you refresh the sex shop a certain number of times in a single day.
NEW USED STUFF - are successes you earn when you reach different levels of numbers of purchased items.
IS THIS ART - is awarded the first time you sell an item in the sex shop.
RARE FUN! - is the success for purchasing your first Rare item in the shop.
SIMPLY EPIC - is the success for purchasing your first Epic item in the shop.
SEWING MACHINE - is awarded the first time you change the appearance one of your items.
BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR - is awarded when you reach different levels of number of times you use the sewing machine to change an item of clothing.
REFINED PIECE - gets awarded for each level of achievement with having items refined in 'Misty's Atelier'.
REFINED RARITY - is a one off success when you use a rare refinement for the first time.
EPIC REFINED PIECE - is also a one off success, this time for an epic refinement for the first time.
MISTY'S REGULAR - is a selection of successes you achieve by continuing refine your items.
TOTALLY REFINED - is awarded when you have all nine items refined simultaneously.
PILE OF WASHING - are a selection of successes you earn by using the washing machine to move around the stats on a given item.

Duels Successes Edit

These are awarded for fighting other players in the game:

DOUBLE BEAT UP - is awarded after your second dual.
DIVA - is then a selection of successes as you reach each milestone of number of duels you fight in.
I AM NOT ALONE - is awarded for achieving a number of duels in one day.
DEFEAT? WHAT IS THAT? - is a success for winning a number of duels in a row.
EPIC FAIL - on the other hand, is awarded for a certain number of duel losses.
THE WIPEOUT - is the group of successes awarded for a certain number of duels wins.
CLIMB THE PEDESTAL - is awarded as you reach each landmark level of earned glory from duels.
THROWAWAY SOCIETY - is an achievement based on the number of missiles you throw during duels.

Studio Successes Edit

These successes are reliant on your studio and team work rather than your individual efforts:

STUDIO WORK - is awarded when you join your first studio.
GOT SOME CHANGE? - is awarded the first time you donate notes to your studio cash box.
WELL HELLO THERE! - is a one off success awarded for visiting a rival studio.
ONE FOR ALL! ALL FOR ONE! - is awarded the first time you take part in a studio fight.
WARM FEUD GLOVES - are a group of successes awarded for taking part in certain quantities of studio fights.
GAME, SET AND MATCH - are a group of successes awarded for reaching target numbers of wins in studio fights.
COMPLETELY OFF THE MARK - are a group of successes awarded when your studio lose certain numbers of fights.
THE INNER OF THE TEMPLE - for the first time you take part in a temple competition.
STRONG TOGETHER - for the first time you take part in a temple where your studio reaches the top 100.
OVER 3000! - are a group of successes you are awarded for reaching a target number of times your studio scores over 3000 points in a weekly temple competition.
MAXIMUM EFFORT! - is awarded the first time you are involved in a winning studios temple competition.
MY PRECIOUSSSS! - will be awarded to you when you are involved in a studio fight which wins a trophy, being the first you have personally been involved in winning.
HOBBY COLLECTOR - is a group of successes awarded for certain levels of numbers of trophies you win with your studio.

Mission Successes Edit

We are unable to list all the successes in this section, as there are so many! These ones are all individual successes that vary in length and difficulty level, which you complete while completing your missions. You find these on the missions map, indicated by a note pad:

What you can win Edit

Each Success comes with its own reward. Some offer Notes, others Diamonds, or Items, Energy tokens, Boosters or Skill points. When a success is complete, the note pad in the top right of the screen will have a flashing pink exclamation mark on it:

...and if it happens to be the success you have highlighted as the one you are watching on the left of the screen, it will have a completed bar and a flashing green tick by it! When you click on the notepad and go to the successes page, it will show all of the completed successes at the top:

When you click on the ticked 'FINISH' box, it takes you to the final description of the success with the outline of what you have achieved and the prize you will be awarded. To claim your award, you must then click on the ticked 'OK' box:

Notes and Diamonds are automatically added to your account. Skill points are put aside for you to allocate on the 'Your Star' tab Items, boosters and energy awards are sent as mail for you to open and activate as and when you are ready.

How to earn Titles Edit

A 'Title' is an extension you are awarded to put at the end of your name, and there are many for you to collect. Titles are rewards, and can be obtained when you complete tasks. You will see a 'Title' icon when the game lists your rewards

You can get titles from:

Special Events
Success Missions
Completed Collections from the sex shop
Winning at the Big Bang Awards
Getting Married
...and even a secret hidden title that you have to shoot to win!
When you have a new title available to use, the 'Your Star' icon will start flashing:

Once on the 'Your Star' page, your name will be illuminated in pink and also flashing, with a number beside it, telling you how many new titles you have available to look at:

Your current title, if you have one, is still showing (in pink) under your name, but to look at the new ones, and change it, you simply click on your name and it will take you to a list of all your available titles:

Any new titles you have just been awarded will have a pink exclamation mark alongside them, and to select the title you would like to appear under (and alongside) your name you simply check the box to the left of that title.

How to decorate your crib and show off your possessions Edit

On your star's screen, there is the control for your decorations.

Note that your decorations control shows how many Sensual Room Scents you have, and how many you need to buy another Deco Box. You can get more Sensual Room Scents as rewards in missions.

If you have enough Sensual Room Scents to buy a box, or if you want to buy some Deco Boxes using diamonds, click on the decorations control.

In the box tab, you can buy Deco Boxes using Sensual Room Scents or diamonds. When you buy a Deco Box, you can either get an epic item, or you can acquire a new room decoration.

Important notes about trying for decorations:

  • You cannot get duplicate decorations! If you randomly roll a decoration you already own, an epic item will be substituted instead.
  • If you buy 10 boxes using diamonds, you are guaranteed you will get one Epic decoration!

When you get an epic item, it goes into your inventory as normal. If you get a decoration, open up the Decorations Tab.

Click on the various areas of your room to pick which of the decorations you want to use. You can see previews of the decorations you have not yet found in that section.

Note that each area of your room has a collection. You can gain rewards such as skills when you complete collections of various types of decorations.

If you want to show your new crib off, use the crossed wrenches found on the Decorations Control box.

You can decide where you want to show off your updated living quarters.

You can also peruse your crib in all it's glory, any time you like. Use the eyeball icon just above the crossed wrenches to turn on and off the main interface.

Missions Edit

Which areas are there, how to change to a different area Edit

In the world view, there are a total of 10 main areas and 3 party zones.

Each area opens at a certain level, but you will start in Santo Rocco. Just after Santo Rocco, Tellville will open at level 5.

Colourful Diversity opens at level: 15

Los Vengeles opens at level: 30

Industrial Area opens at level: 70

The Port opens at level: 110

Beach opens at level: 150

Beverly Humps opens at level: 200

Shangri-La opens at level: 250

Camp 69 opens at level: 300

Each and every area comes with their own successes and also some even with their own item collection.

To simply change from area to area, you first click the world map to go out of the area again:

Then you click on the area you wish to go in the world map:

Areas you cannot enter are covered with clouds. The clouds are removed when you reach the required level. Party zones operate the same way, but more about them later. You can see the clouded locked areas in the picture here above.

Each mission you do will cost energy and of course also time.

Everyday you get 100 mission energy to use, and you can buy another 4 times 50 energy extra using notes. Each reload you buy costs you more notes, which you (hopefully!) gain back again from doing more missions.

You can track your energy in the upper right corner:


What type of missions are there? Edit

There are 3 main style missions: Timed missions, Skill missions and Fight missions.

You can recognise them by the following symbols on the area-map:

Timed missions always succeed, you just have to wait long enough for them to complete.

In a fight mission, you will duel someone from the BBE universe. Fights can be easy to hard.

Skill missions have a chance to succeed based upon the difficulty of the mission (from easy to hard) and the number of points you have in that skill.





Each area always has 1 fight mission, 1 skill mission and 2 timed missions. The missions will vary in difficulty, duration and rewards. Pick the best one for your character's growth strategy!

In Camp69 at rare moments, you can find 2 fight missions and 1 timed mission and 1 skill mission.

PS: There is a hidden easter egg on the area page. Can you find it?

What are conventions? Edit

Conventions are events that pop up at random times, in random areas. If it happens in an area you haven’t unlocked yet, you can’t participate in them yet. Conventions will last between 30 minutes and 3 hours. In a convention, you can do shows for as long as the convention is on. You can also decide to do 3 shows one after the other, which costs you 1 diamond per ‘triple show’. You may use batteries to reduce the duration of shows, and batteries will reduce the duration of all three shows if you paid for a triple. You may also finish shows immediately using diamonds. The person with the most shows in that period of time, wins. There’s a second prize for the person that has the ‘winning show’. This is the show that will turn a convention into a success. Each mission you do, you gain experience and notes, and you bring fans to the convention. You can follow this through the convention thermometer. Here you can also see the experience, notes and fans you have.

Or in the overview on the left side of your map:

To make a convention successful, a lot of shows has to be done by every player participating in the convention. The number of fans you attract to a show varies by two factors: The more fans you have gained making movies, the more fans you attract to your initial show Each additional show in a convention decreases the number of fans you attract. It decreases quite rapidly, so many players are required to participate in a convention to make it successful. Once the required amount of fans has been reached, this means the convention becomes a success, and rewards will be given, in the form of items.

You can follow the progress for the convention via the thermometer:

Once it's full, and the required fans are there, it becomes a success:

If there are not enough fans in the convention, the convention will fail. No items will be given, and the earned experience will be cut in half instead of full amount. The notes are already earned for each completed show.

Once the convention is finished, you will get a popup with the results, how you performed, who won, and what you may have won. If you have at least 1 show in a convention, you will gain an item. If you have at least 4 shows in the convention, you will also gain a mission energy voucher.

If you finish first, you get an item from a special set. Collecting all the items in the first place sets can be quite difficult! This is a gold bordered item, and typically has decent stats as well. If you got the best show, or finished in the top ten, you also get an item in a special set. These items are almost always gold bordered with decent stats.

How to get a party ticket and how to use it Edit

A party ticket is a requirement to access a party zone. They drop on missions randomly, so keep your eyes out for them! They look like this:

They are your entry to have a good time and party away. When you successfully complete the mission, you will get your ticket and a pop up to choose where to get your groove on. Party zones are unlocked by having enough fans. You gain fans by completing movies.

Click the party you wish to do, and go MIX UP THE PARTY!!!! You can click it away, and keep your ticket for later in the day, then you can find it at the left side, under the XP bar and the world map.

The fan requirements for each party zone are:

Party zone Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Burning Bernies 10,000 500,000 1,000,000
Flaming Wheels 400,000 800,000 1,600,000
Whiplash 1,200,000 2,400,000 4,800,000

If you don’t have enough fans yet, part of the party may remain locked. You can buy your way into locked zones by spending 39 diamonds. There are 3 easy missions in part 1, 4 medium missions in part 2, and 5 hard to extremely hard missions in part 3. These missions are either fight or skill missions, there are no timed missions in parties. You have to earn your way through!

For each successful mission, you will get an item and move on to the next mission, that you can do right away.

If you fail a mission, you will have to wait 5 minutes, or you can use batteries to reduce the wait. You can also use diamonds to skip the cool down altogether.

For each stage that you finish, you will get a VIP ticket to go to the next area, and you will also get a skill point for defeating each zone-boss. So in total you can earn 12 items and 3 skill points, plus of course the notes and experience for each mission.

After clicking this VIP ticket, you get this screen to go to the next stage:

When you hit a locked area, you will see this screen, and have to decide whether to use those valuable glitter rocks, or decide to leave the party:

All in all, a party timer lasts for 30 minutes, after which you will leave the party zone. So the faster you do your missions, the more you will gain. When you done all the missions, you accomplished getting 12 items, common/rare/epic, gained experience and a bunch of notes!

If you do not find a party ticket, you can buy your way into the party zone of your choice, by bribing the bouncers with diamonds. You can only do a party 1 time per day. If you start a party before reset, but finish it after reset, the party counts against the previous day, so you can get another party ticket in the current day.

Batteries and the television Edit

Batteries and the TV box are an amazing way to cut your mission times in half.

Every hour you can click on the TV box. In exchange for watching an advertisement (typically 30 seconds long), the time of your current mission will be cut in half after the ad finishes.

You can see the little TV box here:

Below it, you can see a remote control. This is the battery supply.

If you don't feel like watching an advertisement or are within the 1 hour cool down of the TV, you can use a battery.

When you start, your battery inventory can be up to 8, and you can use 4 batteries per day. If you buy in the diamond store just one time, your batteries will be doubled, as an extra bonus.

Batteries and the TV box can be used to shorten regular missions, party missions, and convention shows.

How to get batteries: when you click on the remote control, you get a pop up like this:

If you ask friends for batteries, you get a list of everyone on your friends list, and all of your current studio mates. You can request one battery per day per person.

People want to give you batteries! There are achievements in the game that reward giving large numbers of batteries.

Battery pro tips:

If you use an ad blocker, the TV may not work for you. You have to white-list the Big Bang Empire site in order to successfully use the TV.
You can use two batteries one after the other on the same mission, to complete the mission very quickly. You can combine the TV with a battery in the same way, but it is not as quick because you have to watch the ad.
Use your batteries every day! You can only use so many per day, and you cannot donate unused batteries to charity. Players get credit for donating a battery, even if your battery inventory is full when they respond to the request.
Even if your battery inventory is full, you can ask for more, which helps your friends with their achievements. Ask everyone on your list, every day!
Don't be shy about adding people to your friends list, and sending them battery requests. Most top players in the game (such as the top of the player ranking list, or the leadership teams of top studios) are used to getting battery requests from players they don't know. They will often automatically add new players asking for batteries to their own friends list in return.
If you do not want to receive battery requests from players you don't know, you may turn them off in the 'requests' section of your messages screen. But just a reminder, responding to battery requests is completely free, and helps you earn successes.

Polyamory Edit

Polyamory is one of the booster types. It will allow you to do multiple tasks or missions at the same time. The booster costs 99 diamonds, and will last for a week.

When polyamory is off, you can do a mission OR participate in a convention, OR do a party mission.

When polyamory is ON, you can do a mission AND participate in a convention AND do a party mission, all at the same time. This can be a great time saver!

You can find the Polyamory booster on the mission screen, when you are doing a mission already and click the party or convention icon on the left side:

The polyamory booster screen will pop up like this:


Energy Storage Edit

Energy you don't use by the end of the day is stored for you. Even if you don't finish all your refills, the refills are being stored. This can be very convenient for days you have less time to play.

You can store 50 energy to take back later. There is an energy storage pack in the diamond shop that will get you some diamonds while doubling your energy storage to 100. If you try to save more energy than your storage can hold, the extra energy is lost.

Your energy storage icon is on the right hand of the screen, near the bottom:

The energy storage is only visible between missions, and is in the same location in every area.

Energy storage is free. Recovering the stored energy is not. When you click the energy storage icon, you will be asked if you want to pay the diamond cost to recover the energy inside it. The cost depends upon the amount of energy to be recovered. Up to 50 energy costs 20 diamonds, 51-100 energy costs 100 diamonds. So remember to store as much to those amounts as possible, to make your diamonds get the most out of it:

Hunter instinct Edit

The Hunting Instinct can be an award from the Advent Calendar or from the Casino. You can also buy it from the overview map, or from any area.

If you click on the icon above, you will be prompted to buy. The Hunting Instinct costs 19 diamonds for an hour.

After buying it, the Hunting Instinct icon is replaced with two (sometimes three) different icons. The Pink Hunting Instinct searches for the mission with the best experience reward per energy used.

The Green Hunting Instinct Icon finds the mission with the best notes reward per energy used. The energy reward takes the sell cost of items into account when calculating the value of a mission.

There is a third icon that appears if there is a party mission available, with the possibility of gaining a party ticket. Party tickets have incredible value, giving you 12 additional missions at no energy cost, so look for that third hunting instinct icon!

Select the icon for the mission type you prefer, and you will be transported to the appropriate area, with the confirmation message to accept the mission already on screen. Simply click OK to accept the mission!

Dickstarter.cum Edit

The Dickstarter.cum icon provides a good way to earn additional rewards on a daily and weekly basis. It is located just under your level and experience marker.

The purple exclamation marks shows that we have new Dickstarter missions to investigate, or that we have completed a Dickstarter mission. Let's see what we have!

Clicking on the Dickstarter icon shows our missions, commonly referred to as 'Dickstarters'. There are three daily Dickstarters, and two weekly Dickstarters.

There is a lot of information about your Dickstarters on this screen. You can see the actual Mission you have to accomplish, your reward, and how much time you have left to complete the task. Dickstarter missions are typically relatively easy to accomplish, just by normal play.

If you run short of time, you can click the 'Buy It Now' button. This immediately completes the Dickstarter by spending the listed number of diamonds. As you make progress towards a Dickstarter, the cost of the Buy It Now button decreases.

An active Dickstarter shows the remaining time. When you complete a Dickstarter, you get a big green checkmark.

If you do not like a particular Dickstarter for some reason, click on the image to the left side of that mission. This will allow you to change the mission.

Clicking the refresh button will replace the current Dickstarter with a randomly chosen new mission. You get one free refresh per day. Additional refreshes cost 9 diamonds each.

Career bosses Edit

What is a career boss, and how do they work?

As you progress in levels in the game, you will be beset by various obstacles. Some of the most daunting are career bosses. These dastardly villains will present you with special missions to complete. When you finish a set of the missions, you then face the boss itself in a fight! When you have hit a high enough level, and you have defeated all the earlier career bosses, a new career boss announces themselves with an introductory screen. In the upper left corner, you will see a preview of your new nemesis. (See that smug, arrogant expression? How satisfying it will be to wipe that sneer off his face!) This screen also describes the problem facing you, and describes the rewards you will get for defeating the boss. Generally, you get an item, some skill points, you upgrade a map area to unlock more missions.

While you are working on a career boss, the area the boss lives in will have a status bar on the mission screen, and the overview map will have an icon of your sneering opponent on that area.

Typically, your mission is to collect items that will start appearing as rewards for missions within that area. These items will show up on the overview screen, and also within the mission description.

At some point you will complete that boss’s mission. On to the fight! The status bar in the area will change to a portrait of the boss with a pink exclamation mark.

Click on it to challenge the boss! These bosses are often quite difficult to defeat. You can, of course, be a coward and pay them off using diamonds, but what is the fun of that? Click start to begin your duel!

You may not defeat the boss the first time through. You can challenge the boss again in an hour. Watch the fights to see how the boss is defeating you, and adjust your build and equipment to respond.

After you defeat the boss, collect your rewards! Enjoy the upgraded look of that area, and the new missions! Here is a complete list of career bosses, with locations and items to collect.

Location Career Step Collect item Boss
Tellville Sex Machina recommendations Carlo Coitus
Tellville Into the Mountains holiday money Silver / Trevor
Santo Roco The Critic reviews Dick Ryder
Santo Roco The Fake Manager clues Manager
Los Vengeles The Temple of Lust map fragments Wang Dong
Los Vengeles The Dildomancer dildos Dildomancer
Industrial Area The Wrecked Warehouse clues Pete Brat
Industrial Area The Super-Dildo blueprints Richard E. Ville
Port Porn Piracy logs Porn Pirate
Beach The Porn Plagiarist knockoffs Plagiarist
Beverly Humps Robot Love transistors Fuckotron


Second chance bosses Edit

After you defeat career bosses, they have a chance to return. You get a second chance to defeat them.

To activate a second chance boss, you need to find a second chance mission reward, as shown below:

If there is a mission to start a second chance boss, the area map will show you which area the boss can be found.

These second chance bosses are all very similar at the moment. You need to find 50 of their signature item within their area, and then defeat them in a duel. The reward is typically 5 skill points and an epic item.

If you do not want to actually fight, you may defeat the boss by spending diamonds.

What is a date? Edit

Dates are similar to career bosses, with one major difference. Instead of trying to defeat a villain, you are trying to seduce the date!

Dates are currently only female. Dates appear from time to time in various areas. They will appear in icons similar to career bosses on your overview map.

On the area map, the date also appears as an icon. Your date generally will be saying something encouraging.

Click on the icon for the date in the area map to figure out what you have to do to seduce her. You generally will have to accomplish multiple missions, collecting items or performing particular types of tasks. As you perform the required tasks, the hearts under the date's name will fill.

You can also hover over the icon in the area map for a quick reminder, and a percentage under the icon will tell you how much progress you have made.

Or you can click on the icon again to see current progress, to see how many more tasks remain, and to see and hear how your progress is affecting your date.

The last task for each date is a duel or a skills test. The other difference between dates and career bosses is that it is generally easier to finish that last task. The dates are supposed to be cooperating at this point, after all! Similar to career bosses, you may choose to actually fight the date, or you can pay diamonds to avoid the duel. A sample of a final skills test to win the heart of your date!

Actually finishing the date fills in all the hearts, and you earn your game reward, generally five skills and an item.

As you fill in each heart on a date, you will receive a picture of the date. These pictures generally get more suggestive as you go.

Pictures are stored in your picture archive, found to the left side of your area map. The icon looks like a blue camera with some prints of photos.

Opening the picture archive allows you to peruse the pictures you have unlocked, and shows you the names of future dates.

Just like the real world, you can only store so many pictures in your archive before you have to expand storage. Once your original capacity is exceeded, you can choose to expand your storage, at four additional pictures for 19 diamonds.

Special events Edit

Special events come most times during special annual events on your home calendar. For example, Christmas, Halloween, Oktoberfest...

A list of special events can be found here.

These are events set up by Playata, for you to get some extra chores and challenges for amazing rewards. They run for a specific amount of time, and you get usually 5 extra tasks to do. For each finished task, you get a special reward. Finishing them all in time, you get an additional reward, usually 10 skillpoints with an item you select out of three.

When an event runs, you usually can find it here:

If you need to complete a special convention as part of the special event requirements, you can hover over the icon to see when the next few conventions will be.

If you click on the special event icon, you can see the tasks you have at hand, and their reward:

As you can see, there's a variety of mission types and rewards, Experience, Skillpoints, Notes, Diamonds and special gear items.

You can use diamonds to instant finish them, but what's the challenge in that???

If you have special missions to do for the event, to find specific items on missions, you can see them appearing in your map view between the other stuff like ballots, successes and gear, like this:

Events frequently have special themed film sets, with special price settings. The best Event film sets give 9 diamonds on the first Star, 5 skill points on the second star, and an event themed item for 3 stars. You can recognize these special event movies by their special decorated borders, like this one during the Halloween event:

Once you finish the last requirement for the event, you get a new popup, with your rewards for your dedication and hard labour in the event, and you get to chose which item out of 3 you want.


The Casino Edit

What is this casino for, how to get there and how to play?

Another additional fun for the players is the casino. It appears in the game from time to time, and is located near the tv box and remote control.

You can play the casino up to 30 times per day. (At least one casino event allowed unlimited replays.) Each roll in the casino costs 10 chips or 9 sparkling diamonds, but your first play is free each day. You can get casino chips as rewards in missions. Defeating players in duels may also randomly award casino chips. In the casino you can win a lot ... experience, energy, notes, boosters and most important: skill points! Each different type of reward has a specific icon that shows up in the windows of the slot machine after every spin. Like all slot machines, the more items match in the three windows, the better your prize! If you have no matches, you get a small amount of experience. If you have one match, your reward is a rare version of that prize. If you hit the jackpot, three of the same things in a row... ding ding ding ding ding! You win an epic version of the prize, a global notice about your win is posted on the rolling messages on the slot machine, and your win is also announced in your studio chat. Casino rewards are generally adjusted for your level. A level 100 will win fewer notes than a level 200, for instance. (Boosters and skill points are the exception, with the same rewards for all players.)

Pro Tips: Unused chips are lost at the end of the casino, they do NOT roll over to the next casino. You will start with a clean slate again (some might actually like a clean slate). You can participate in the casino and at the same time do a mission. How? You play the casino and return to the mission screen, select the mission you want to do then immediately after you will return directly to the casino.

Character Gear Edit

Types of gear Edit

To improve your statistics, you have the opportunity to wear nine items, one from each of the following ranges of clothing or accessories:

The sex shop will have a variety of items you can purchase. Most items will cost notes, but may also cost between 9 and 99 diamonds. Hover your mouse over the item you are interested in to see the statistics and costs.

In the pop-up, you can also see the skill points the item will award you. There is a comparison figure to the right, showing how the new stats compare to your current item's stats. Red numbers indicate your current item is better, and green that this new item is better. All items are also available to win during duels, parties, conventions, missions, events and at other times too!

There are other, special items that can be found in the Sex Shop. These are not usually wearable, but can have very interesting game effects. Hover over these items for a description of uses and costs.

What is a thrown weapon? (missiles) Edit

In addition to your nine wearable items, there is a 10th space allocated for your missiles:

Missiles are available to buy in the sex shop for diamonds, or you may win them. There is always one set of missiles each time you refresh the Sex Shop.

Missiles add damage to each hit you land in a duel. Your gadget also adds damage to your hits. Most studios will insist you have an active missile when going into a studio fight, as they can make a huge difference to the outcome of the fight.

Missiles are used up when you duel other players, or in studio fights. Missiles are NOT used when running fight missions, in parties, or when doing movies. Some players remove their missiles when fighting opponents they expect to beat easily, in order to conserve missiles.

Missiles are called thrown weapons in DickStarter missions.

What does the Sewing machine do? Edit

In the sex shop, under the items you can buy, are four additional buttons. The middle one on the top row is the Sewing Machine:

The sewing machine lets you change the appearance of items, into any pattern you know. The cost varies depending upon the end result. Changing to a common pattern costs notes equal to the selling cost of the item, while a rare pattern will cost 10 Diamonds and an Epic pattern 20 Diamonds.

Changing an item's appearance will not alter the skill points or value of the item.

It is possible to change an Epic item to any other item, while a Rare item can only be changed to another Rare or Common item, and a Common item can only be changed to another Common item.

Depending on the platform you play on, there are two ways to use the sewing machine:

On PC, click and drag the item over sewing machine icon. This will bring up a pop-up box showing available patterns you know. Drag your chosen item to the empty box and click the 'whipstitching' box.

On Phone, you simply click on the item you want to change, and options for that item come up. Click on the sewing machine to pull up the pop-up box, then the new pattern.

What does the Washing machine do? Edit

Next to the Sewing Machine is the Washing Machine (to the right):

The Washing Machine randomly re-distributes the skill points of n item you wish to amend. To do this, you click and drag the item and drop onto the washing machine (or for mobile devices click on the item and then the washing machine).

Once your item is in the machine, click 'Spin' for the skill points to be re-distributed.

Items you are currently wearing will automatically update your skill points in the background, while items from storage, you can hover over in the washing machine to see the change in skill points.



You are given one FREE use of the Washing Machine every day, and after that it costs 10 diamonds.

Misty and her refinements Edit

Who is Misty, what are refinements, and what do they do?

While the Sex Shop is run by Wanda, she has an assistant, Misty. Her job is to add refinements to your items in her ‘Atelier’. You can add a refinement to items from nine inventory slots, excluding missiles.

To access these refinements, you follow the same actions as with the Washing Machine and Sewing Machine, but this time drag the item you would like to refine to the Atelier tab:

Once inside, the item you are going to refine is shown (highlighted red), and to begin the refinement process, you click on the 'Refine Now!' button:

There are six possible refinements you can be offered. Four are bonuses on your basic skills, which are the same for all nine items, while there are an additional two special refinements which are unique to each individual item. A lot of the time, you will be offered a choice of three of the four basic skills. These can vary in the % increase they offer with Rare and Epic refinements indicating higher % increases. If you are happy to accept one of these offers, simply click on the 'I'll Take It' button under the one you wish to apply to that item:

However, if you are not happy with the offering, you can click on the 'Again' button in the top right. But Remember, you only get one FREE refinement each day, after that, they cost 19 diamonds each. Occasionally, you may hit the jackpot with an Epic Special Refinement:

Only one of the four skills will give you rare or epic refinements for each item. The other three skills will only provide you with common refinements. Meanwhile, all the special refinements can be common, rare or epic! Once you have some or all of your refinements, you can see them in 'Your Star' and 'Sex Shop' under your Skill points:

The rare and epic ones will glow blue or purple to indicate their level, while the common ones glow white. Only the Special Refinements show here. Skill refinements will not be shown! So, what do the Special refinements actually do for you:

Location Image Refinement Description
Head Patch No. 1
Spurring knobs
Chance to attack first
Chance to attack twice in a row
Chest Reinforced Leather Patch
Glitter Powder
Chance to reduce damage by 25%
Increase in all basic skills
Belt Sewn-in Air Cushion
Applied Lube
Chance to reduce damage by 40%
Chance to dodge a hit
Legs Little Bottle with Spanish Fly
Affixed Cotton Balls
Critical hit chance decreased
Chance to reduce missile damage by 75%
Shoes Euphoriant Perfume
Smelling Salts Polish
Chance to attack twice after a critical hit
Chance your hit points set to 1 after a fatal hit
Necklace Sparkling Diamond Trimming
Metal Spikes
Chance to add 50% more damage
Chance that a critical hit causes 50% more damage
Ring Reflective Glossy Foil
Porn Star Sticker
Chance of inflicting 25% of received damage back
Given percentage reduction to trophy penalty
Piercing Overwhelming Eau de Toilette
Double-sided Duct Tape
Chance to stun opponent
Decrease opponent's dodging chance by given percentage
Gadget Rivet Attachment
Colourful Plastic Balls
Chance to deal total damage over 4 rounds
Increase missile damage by a give percentage


What are surprise boxes? Edit

From time to time, the game has special events. During some events, the sex shop will sometimes offer you a surprise box to purchase (be aware, these can be quite expensive!):

If you wish to purchase the box, you do so in the same way as you would purchase any other item, and it will be placed in your general storage:

Once the box is inside your storage, double click on it to open up a pop-up box showing you your two surprise items, and then to transfer the items to your storage, click on the 'OK' button:

Inside the box you will find items connected to the event, as well as sometimes random items from past events. These items are personalised to you to provide you with items you still need to help complete a set, and will carry higher overall skill points than your current worn item of that type!

You now have two shiny new items to switch in and possibly complete (or get closer to completing) a new set.


Wedding rings and divorce papers Edit

What does a wedding ring do? Or divorce papers?

You can get married, and even divorced in-game, but how, and what are the benefits?

If you want to propose to someone, you first have to find a wedding ring.

These are quite rare to find, but can only be found in the Sex Shop. When one comes up, it could be your only chance to purchase it for some time, but remember, there is a hefty cost involved to you as the propose to purchase the ring in the first place:

Once you find and buy the ring, and it is in your storage, simply double click on it and it will bring up a pop-up box asking you who you would like to propose to:

Its always a good idea to check with the person first in private chat, because you only get one chance at this! If they reject, you lose the ring and the diamonds you have spent!

Send your invitation, they accept and you both receive a wedding ring that you can now wear as you ring!

It also carries higher overall skill points than the ring you are currently wearing too!

You will also both receive a new 'title' announcing to the world who your new husband or wife is. The rings and titles are yours forever to keep!

The game allows you to be married to up to 10 players - another reason to check before you propose, to make sure the person you want to marry has got room for another partner!

If you want to divorce, that is a little bit more tricky. You have to purchase the divorce papers from the Sex Shop, which are even more rare and much more expensive:

Whats more, the divorce papers will only allow you to end ALL of your current marriages, and not just one or the ones you choose!

CAUTION: the divorce papers will only allow you to end ALL of your current marriages.

What do I do with old gear? Edit

What do I do with old gear and how can I keep some old gear spare?

The game gives you a lot of new gear items. You can wear them, but what else can you do with them?

One thing you can do is keep them. There are a number of reasons to save your items:

  • Create complete costumes to wear for film covers or fights
  • Have different sets of items for each type of skill mission
  • Collect items ready to sell at a Selling Temple competition

Fortunately, the game gives you a storage space, called your 'Inventory' which holds 6 items. As you level, your inventory increases to 3 tabs, giving a total of 18 slots available to store your items:

Sometimes you no longer need an item. You can sell your items in the shop, by dragging the item to the till under the shop items:

When you sell an item, you gain notes and empty closet space.

If you acquire a new item, but don't have inventory space, the game will allow you to sell the item automatically, or it will open up the shop so that you can make space.

If you choose to go to the shop, whatever activity is giving you the item will be suspended. For example, if a duel reward causes your inventory to overflow, this screen will take you to the shop. After clearing space, you need to go back to the duel screen to actually claim the item.

Collections Edit

What are collections? How to gather for the collection? What are the rewards for collections?

You may have noticed that the Sewing Machine has a second tab called 'Collections'. There are many collections in the game, and the sewing machine is where you can keep a track of what you have and what you still need to get.

A big pink Exclamation Mark '!' means you have either completed all or part of a collection, and you have gained a reward.

The different collections are listed on left, and the items in the selected one on the right, with the items you have collected marked with a green tick. When you reach your next reward, it is shown next to the progress bar (highlighted blue), and to get your reward, simply click on the 'Collect Reward' button below it.

As you are playing the game, you often have choices about which item to get. You obviously want to get new patterns so you can complete collections. But how do you know if an item is one you need? That's easy, Wanda lets you know by leaving a little note on the item.

There is a small image of a pair of scissors in the top right of an item image if the item is not yet in one of your collections. They are visible on the tooltips for mission rewards, the map overview and movie rewards.

Note that when you have a collection reward waiting for you, there is an exclamation mark above the sewing machine!

When you hover your mouse over a new type of item, a pop-up box will appear with the usual information, but also a description of the collection to which it belongs.

Collection rewards vary in size and quality, sometimes just a little bonus, sometimes a nice treat. They include:

  • Energy
  • Notes
  • Diamonds
  • Items
  • Missiles
  • Titles


How do I get more storage space? Edit

I need a bigger closet! How do I get more storage space?

After a while, 18 storage spaces may not be enough, and you want to expand further. You can acquire 'Storage Tabs' with much more space, using the yellow icon below your normal inventory.

In the storage area, each tab holds 18 items. Note that the display has your normal inventory on the left, with one of your open storage tabs on the right.

You can move items from one of the open tabs to the other, and pick a specific spot for the new item. This is often useful for organising skill outfits.

But sometimes you just want storage, and ordering is not so important. In that case, you can move an item from one tab to the other using the indexes. Drag the item and drop it on the appropriately numbered slot. The item will be put into the first available spot within that inventory or storage tab:

You can sell items or entire tabs right from this screen as well.

You can sell individual items using the normal till, or the whole tab of items in one go using the special till highlighted here.

Be careful selling entire tabs! It is easy to sell something you wanted to keep, but once it is sold, it is gone forever. You can safeguard individual items within your storage tabs, by locking them. The sell all tab will not sell any locked items within a tab.

To lock or unlock an item, hover over the upper right corner of the item. A lock will appear, that will be either closed or open. Click the lock to set the desired state.

While you can have up to 21 storage tabs, they are not free. To add a new storage tab, simply click on the next unlocked slot, and click on the 'Unlock' button:

There is of course quite a hefty price to pay, but over time, it does come in handy being able to store items for your various outfits, or just for storage for future selling temples.

What are outfits? Edit

What are outfits? How are they used?

You can also create your own 'Outfits' using items from your storage. In the 'Your Star' and 'Sex Shop' tabs, you go to the mannequin icon alongside your storage area to access your outfits:

In here, you have your equipped items and one starter outfit slot.

It is important to understand that the very first outfit is called ‘Equipped Items’ and it controls nothing. It literally consists of what you are wearing, and does nothing else. DO note that 'Equipped Items' is automatically used for duels, and there is no way to change that. What you wear is what you duel in. This is a good thing!! It means that you can see what a potential duel opponent will actually be using, so you are not ambushed by much better gear when you click on the Attack button.

To look at one of your outfits, simply click on it on the list to the left, and it will appear to the right. To complete an outfit, simply click on each item box and select the item you want to use from your storage in that outfit:

You can purchase additional slots for up to nine outfits by clicking on the 'Unlock' button! Each additional slot costs 389 diamonds.

Above shows an example of using four outfit slots, one for each skill set. By putting your highest level item for each skill into one outfit, you can create a ready made outfit maximising that skill type! You can see the highlighted one shows that the total Charisma score is much higher than it is with the items in the currently equipped outfit, while the other three skill sets are considerably lower.

In order to personalise your outfits, you need to use the buttons at the bottom of this screen:

The 'Equip' button simply lets you select the currently highlighted outfit and make it your main equipped outfit, changing what you are wearing in the main game! Be careful with this button, there is no 'reverse outfit' button, so if you overwrite your duelling gear, you may have to manually reset what you are wearing.

The other three buttons carry out the following:

'Rename Outfit' Sets a descriptive name so you know what the outfit is for:

Just click on the 'Rename' button when you have typed in the name of your outfit

'Save to Outfit' Sets your current equipped items into the current outfit. Useful when starting a new outfit. (Save currently equipped items to this Outfit)

'Outfit Settings' Determines when this outfit is to be used. VERY IMPORTANT!

Simply tick all of the boxes that you would like this outfit to be used for in the game. If you do not specify where an outfit is used, then it is just a wasted outfit. Don't lose a studio fight because you forgot to turn on your outfit with that brand new ring!

Once you have selected all the areas you want, click on the 'save' button and this outfit will now be used in those situation every time from now on, instead of your main equipped items.

Note that the game does NOT actually change your gear. You are always wearing your duelling clothes, ready to defend yourself!

Outfit pro tips:

Your missiles are not part of outfits. If you remove your missiles to duel, a studio fight outfit will not put them back on for you!
The tooltip for an item will say if the item is activated in an outfit.
Trying to sell an item that is in an outfit will put up a warning message.
If you do actually sell an item from an outfit, pink exclamation marks will identify which outfits and which items need to be replaced. If you do not replace the item, that outfit will use what you are wearing by default. If you actually do not want to wear an item in that slot in this particular outfit, pick the blank item.

Duels Edit

Glory Edit

What is glory and what does it give me?

By doing duels, you gain glory. You basically fight another player in the server. If you win, you gain glory and you opponent loses glory. You also gain notes, and sometimes an item or diamonds. Of course, if you lose, your opponent gains glory while you lose glory.

Note that the winner of a duel gains about 25% more glory than the loser loses.

A duel costs 20 courage, unless your studio has courage trophies, which reduces the cost by 2 per courage trophy. Your duel fist on the activity bar will tell you when you can launch a duel.

If you do not have enough courage, your duel fist will be grey and your courage bar will be very low.

You gain one courage every 30 seconds until you have enough courage to start a duel. After that, you gain a courage point every 3 minutes. To do the maximum number of duels, keep your courage bar recharging at the faster rate!

If you are anxious and don't wish to wait, you can launch a duel immediately for 20 diamonds. If you do, you keep all your courage, so launching duels immediately does not slow down how often you can duel for free. You can also reload your entire courage bar for 70 diamonds.

But what does this glory do for you? Basically nothing. Glory is for bragging on how strong you are. But there are achievements for gaining particular glory levels, which may reward you diamonds, experience, notes, or skill points.

How to choose your opponent to duel Edit

You can choose your opponent from the 'fist', by checking their stats, or from the glory ranking, where you can also see your opponent's stats. You see their stats when you hover your mouse over an opponent:

In the circles, you will also see your stats advantage or disadvantage over the other player, you can see their refinements, and the screen will also tell you what you will gain from a win, or lose when you lose the duel.

If someone is very close to your stats or far better, the screen will also inform you that you have increased chance on diamonds and items:


Someone is duelling me every day, am I being bullied? Edit

Being duelled by someone or several players each day can be annoying, especially if you have no chance to win the duels. But please always remember, it's a part of the game. Most of the time players do not duel to bully or for revenge. They duel you for the glory, notes and items / diamonds.

But at the end of the day: Big Bang Empire is a fighting game. It should be no surprise that other players are actually fighting you.

Work Edit

What does work give? Edit

Well, what do you work for in real life? Money! To get rich! Well, hopefully.

Your avatar actually works for you as well! Your avatar will get you extra notes, that you can spend on whatever you like. You can find your work area here:

When you open it, you can see a meter running. Every 5 minutes will get you another notch on the bar, and increases your collected notes.

The screen will inform you how much you have collected, how much you earn per hour and how long until the meter is full. Once the meter is full, it stops earning.

You can always cash out before hand, by clicking collect. You can do that at any time you wish. The small timer, just below the bar itself, runs down from 5 minutes to 0, and then resets. At the reset, the collected notes will increase.

Pro-tips on collecting:

Do this when the timer resets to 5 minutes. If you actually log off, instead of simply closing your browser, the game checks if you have earned notes. If so, it gives you a reminder to collect your paycheck before heading home.

Boosters Edit

Personal boosters Edit

Personal boosters, and what do they do? Do I need them?

Personal boosters make your Porn career life more convenient to you. You can find the boosters at the drink can icon on the action bar:

When you open the screen, you can see the boosters you can choose from. There are 3 types of boosters, with 3 options each:

In the first column is the mission booster to shorten the time and required energy of your missions by a percentage. You can complete more missions, faster, the higher the level of your mission booster.

The middle column is your Skill booster. This booster increases your basic skills by a percentage.

The last column is your work booster, which increases your earned notes per hour by a percentage, as well as increasing the upper limit of your work earnings.

You can boost using either diamonds or notes. Boosts using notes last for 4 days, and give gains up to 25%. For 99 diamonds you can boost for 50% for an entire week.

A small trick, for those that tend to forget their boosters: you can always pre-extend your booster to a maximum of 2 full rounds of their run time. So by clicking twice on the 50% boost, you pay 198 diamonds, and the boost will run for 2 whole weeks. However, if you DO forget your boosters, the game will remind you the next time you log in.

Whether or not you need these boosters depends upon your play style, and where you have developed in the game.

The 25% boosters for notes are highly recommended for any player who logs in daily. The mission boosters always work, they are invisible, and they help your character advance quickly. There is little downside to running the highest level you can afford. The usefulness of the work boosters depend strictly upon how often, and how long, you log in. Skill boosters work on your base skills, so early on, you get little benefit from them because you don't have much to boost. As you progress, however, skill boosts can be worth thousands of skill points. Most competitive studios will require players to run at least the 25% boosters.

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