Trophies are items that can be won and lost by studios, which give a bonus and a penalty to the studio members.
There are currently three types of trophy with different benefits. But they all have the same type of penalty : a percentage of skill points are reduced for studio fights.
Movie trophy has a 20% fight penalty, and lets every member of your studio make one more movie per day.
Energy trophy has a 10% penalty, and gives every member 20 more energy to spend for free.
Courage trophy has a 7% penalty, and reduces the cost of a duel by 2 courage, and increases the maximum amount of courage your bar can hold.
As studios increase their development, trophy slots open up. At 100% development, a studio can hold five trophies.
Trophies are won or lost during studio fights, and are at risk on both attack and defense. The studio that wins a fight takes a random trophy from the loser, unless all the winner's trophy slots are already full.

Trophy penalties apply only to studio fights. In any studio fight, every member of your studio has their skill points reduced by the trophy penalty.
Trophy penalties are cumulative. The more trophies your studio has, the more skill points are lost.

There are 10 energy, 10 courage and 10 movie trophies.

Every trophy has a penalty that reduces the number of skill points used when calculating studio fights.
The only way to overcome trophy penalties is to wear a ring with the Porn star sticker refinement.

Energy trophies Edit

Energy trophies

The 10 energy trophies are named :
Eccentric Dominatrix Figure
Erotic Dominatrix Figure
Exotic Dominatrix Figure
Sexy Dominatrix Figure
Tempting Dominatrix Figure
Ecology Plug
Mediterrean Plug
Pink! Plug
Plain Plug
Red Light Plug

Each energy trophy has a 10% penalty, which means each studio member has -10% skill points in studio fights.
One energy trophy gives every studio member 20 more energy to spend for free.

Courage trophies Edit

Courage trophies

The 10 courage trophies are named :
Emerald Green Trick Dice
Pink Trick Dice
Ruby Red Trick Dice
Sapphire Blue Trick Dice
Squeaky Yellow Trick Dice
Sexy Stripper Figure
Super-Mega Stripper Figure
Exceptional Stripper Figure
Glamorous Stripper Figure
Little League Stripper Figure

20 courage for duels
-2 courage use per duel
-7% skill points in studio fights

The benefits can be stacked, so having 2 courage trophies will give studio members 40 extra courage and -4 (20-4=16) courage per duel.

Movie trophies Edit

Gold Premium Blu-ray box Silver Premium Blu-ray box Bronze Premium Blu-ray box Blue Premium Blu-ray box Green Premium Blu-ray box

Gold Movie cover Silver Movie cover Bronze Movie cover Blue Movie cover Green Movie cover

+1 movie per day -20% skill points in studio fights

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