A 'Title' is an extension you are awarded to put at the end of your name, and there a loads for you to collect. Titles are rewards, and can be obtained when you complete tasks. You will see a 'Title' icon when the game lists your rewards

You can get titles from:
Special Events
Success Missions
Completed Collections from the sex shop
Winning at the Big Bang Awards
Getting Married
...and even a secret hidden title that you have to shoot to win!

When you have a new title available to use, the Your Star icon will start flashing:

Once on the 'Your Star' page, your name will be illuminated in pink and also flashing, with a number beside it, telling you how many new titles you have available to look at:

Your current title, if you have one, is still showing (in pink) under your name, but to look at the new ones, and change it, you simply click on your name and it will take you to a list of all your available titles:

Any new titles you have just been awarded will have a pink exclamation mark alongside them, and to select the title you would like to appear under (and alongside) your name you simply check the box to the left of that title.

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Titles, how to get them, how to use them :

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