Getting Started is a quick guide and overview for a new player starting in Big Bang Empire.

Overview Edit

Big Bang Empire is a free to play multiplayer roleplaying game by Playata GmbH, about becoming a celebrated erotic movie star in a browser game for adults.

Servers and Signing up Edit

If you are not already registered then you have to sign up. For the English version of the game, you can choose the servers for the [UK] or [US]. Other servers of the game can be found at the top signup pages.

If you are already registered you can log in at the top right of the page, otherwise you can click the Create Star button in the middle of the page.

Creating your star Edit

If you are creating a new star, you must first choose the gender for your avatar.

Start design star

Choose how your star looks.

IMPORTANT: You cannot change gender later in the game.

After you have chosen the appearance of your star, you can register. You will be asked for a name, your email address, and a password. You can read the terms of service by clicking the link, and agree to abide by the terms by clicking the button.

A list of links to the terms of service can be found here.

The name for your star has to meet the community standards. It cannot be a curse word, or be an offensive, vulgar or obscene expression.

IMPORTANT: You can change your email address and your password at will, but your avatar's name cannot be changed.

You must also agree to the terms of Big Bang Empire's Privacy Policy before your character is finally created.

A list of links to the privacy policies can be found here.

After agreeing to the privacy policy, you can enter the game. You start with a tutorial.

Tutorial Edit

A star is born! Read the text, then you can click the OK button.

You are asked to click on the mission overview icon. This leads to the main mission locations.

The first area available to new players is Tellville. You can read the description then click OK.

An icon for a time mission is pointed out to you, a star with a clock inside it. Click on it to select a time mission.

You can read the mission description, and see the costs and rewards for completing the mission. Click START to start the mission. Clicking the X at the top right will close the mission text.

You are offered a chance to use diamonds to shorten the wait. You can save the diamonds and wait for the minute to finish the mission without using diamonds. Diamonds are hard to find in the game, as they are the premium currency used. Diamonds are available to buy with real money.

Tips Edit

Your best friend in early levels - Mission successes. There are so many low level successes that can be gained and with a little bit of fore knowledge, harvested.
An example of this is saving a 5 note item to be used in the sewing machine. There are success missions for using this up to 100 times. Since the cost of using the sewing machine is equal to the cost of the item to be changed, saving a 5 note item saves notes better used for skill points.
Other examples are refreshing the shop, fully gearing your character, buying an epic item from the shop. There are dozens of these low level very fast successes than can be done in a day or two.
You can find a list of successes on the Achievements page.

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Terms of service Edit

The terms of service for the English language servers can be found at the following links:




Nutaku: (There are two terms of service, one for the Nutaku service and one for Big Bang Empire.)


Privacy policies Edit

The privacy policies can be read at: