Big Bang Empire has Special events at certain dates during the year.

Some collection items are made available while events are happening.

Below is a list of dates and events, with the related collection details.

Carnival Joy - Carnival special - February / March

Green Luck - St. Patrick's Day special - March 17 - Saint Patrick's Day

Go Right Ahead for the Eggs! - Easter - March / April - Easter

Hawaiian Hula Dancing - Lei Day special - May 1 - Lei Day

Anniversary Rager - Birthday special - July 16

Sexy Summer - Summer special - August

Sexy Sex Games - Summer Sex Games special - August

Out at Sea - Pirate Day "Talk like a pirate day" - September 19 - Talk Like a Pirate Day

Robot Romance - Robot Romance Day - October

Party Tent Minx - Oktoberfest special - October - Oktoberfest

Hot Halloween - Halloween special - October 30

Black Angel - Wanda's shop Halloween special - October 30

Pain for Pleasure - Spanksgiving special - coincides with Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday of November - Thanksgiving

Hot Xmas - Christmas special - December 25

Other events Edit

During the 2018_FIFA_World_Cup Big Bang Empire had a double week event, Hooper's Nudic viewing, that lasted for 10 days. The event was related to the collection Steamy and sporty.