This is a list of the sources of hints and tips

Big Bang Empire FAQ - Game Guide

general guide by Kyute

a little about conventions, at the end of above topic

guide for new players by baritoboy

Game tips for everybody! by FunkBunny

some tips from Garm

Some questions from a noob

How do item attributes get determined?

Big Bang Awards (BBA) tips, some from TaraBing

Big Bang Awards by Becky Lynch

Where is casino?

how Conventions work (on Nutaku server)

fans in conventions by CaptC

Winning Show at a Convention

DickStarter Mission Question

Mission Success Guide by locations

mission 24: It's all in your head. - Go under the knife

some info about refinements

leads to list of types of temples Temple Challenge

Question regarding Film Points and Temple Mission

shopping frenzy

Precious Silk Sheet - what is it for?

Best Strategy For Stats?

Leaving a studio

Superhero outfit

suggestions on using washing machine by CaptC

Server name Q: How do I find my server name?

server details

searchable catalogue of collections

Game play - strategies, ideas, tips and hidden gems

Italian site with help and layout of the game

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