This article is about Big Bang Empire on English language servers.

English servers Edit

For the English version of the game, there is the UK server or the US server. There are also two versions on a gaming platform called Nutaku, on and

There is no US1 server. The closest equivalent is the nu1 Nutaku server.

On 18th September 2018, the first international Big Bang Empire server was launched. The new server can be found at

On 5th March 2019, the second international server was launched. It can be found at

UK1: html5 version :

UK2: html5 version :

US2: html5 version :


INT1: html5 version :

INT2: html5 version :

Non-English servers Edit

Big Bang Empire game is also available on the following servers, in these languages:

Differences between English servers Edit

UK server US server
Language British English American English American English
Has a TV TV TV
Other Nudity, dating pictures

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