Patch Notes - 11 August 2015

New Features Edit

General Edit

  • New hairstyles for men and women are now available.
  • New tattoos for men and women are now available.
  • You will now be informed if your inventory is full after a party mission.
  • New tiers have been added to the successes.

Mobile Edit

  • It was possible that the success overview was shown as empty after looking at the details for a success. This has been fixed.
  • You can now refill your energy as soon as you have less than 50 energy left.
  • Ingame messages with buttons are now displayed correctly.
  • In the duel screen the character stats now also will be shown as comparison.
  • In the version for phones some tooltips have not been displayed correctly. This has been fixed.
  • You can now forward messages in the game.
  • The icons for trophies and studio defences are now displayed properly in the ranking list for studios.
  • The stat descriptions are now displayed correctly.
  • You can now look at successes of other players.
  • You can now send a message to a player directly out of the player's profile.

Outlook Edit

As we already announced with the past update, in the next 3 weeks we will be working on more options to individualise your studios. Our goal is to implement this new feature with the next update.
As soon as we have completed the work on the individualisation feature, we will start working on a frequently requested overhaul of the movie feature. We decided to completely remove the current version of the movies from the game and to add a completely new movie feature. This feature will be more in the centre of the game and around your star. We're currently writing the design documents for this feature, and we will keep you informed about our progress.

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