Parties require a certain number of fans before a party is available.

This table shows the number of fans needed to unlock a party location, and how many are needed for the other stages of the party.

Party Open Stage 2 Stage 3 Collection
Burning Bernie 10,000 500,000 1 million With burning desire (Female), With burning desire (Male)
Flaming Wheels 400,000 800,000 1.6 million Giant rocket (Female), Giant rocket (Male)
Whiplash 1.2 million 2.4 million 4.8 million Lady, Lord

Defeating the boss at the end of a party will give you an item. These items are part of the collections that are listed above.

Burning Bernie Edit

Burning Bernie party mission text.

Mission Text Success Failure
1 Fight (Female) You cannot wait to start the party! Suddenly you behold a porn star, which is wearing the same dress as you. It suits you much better! Do your fans view it the same way or will she steal the spotlight from you? You throw yourself into the crowd and show yourself to the fans from your best side. You let them take your picture, hand out autographs and no longer perceive your competitor. Nor do the other party guests. You throw yourself into some sexy poses for your fans to outdo your competitor. The spectators are ecstatic how flexible you are. And then a seam on your dress tears, which was not made for such actions and you bared more than intended. Oops!
2 Stamina
3 Fight
4 Strength
5 Fight
6 Charisma
7 Fight
8 Fight
9 Finesse
10 Fight
11 Stamina
12 Fight
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