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Mission Selection

Here is where you start your career! Gain experience in the shadows of infamous dark corners and red light to reach the next level!

Each mission takes a few minutes and costs energy. In special fighting missions you will face an additional enemy and have to beat them. Here you can get bigger rewards, but you could lose as well and end up empty handed.

If your energy is used up you can either wait till the next day or buy some with a couple of diamonds.

Success Missions Edit

Tellville Edit

And it keeps on running, and running, and running Edit

Time Mission:
[Female] A friend asks you if you can help out on Saturday dressed as a Bunny at an event. You’ve waited a long time for this opportunity!

[Male] A friend asks you if you can help out on Saturday as an entertainer at an event. Finally, you can prove your talent: This is the opportunity you have waiting for!

reward: 5 skill points, item, title: Running, Running and Running

Appointee Alarm Edit

Time Mission:
During your night shift at the checkout of the strip club you repeatedly encounter weird guys. This one seems somewhat familiar to you.

reward: 4 skill points Top | Tellville

Bar Flirt Master Edit

Time Mission:
[Female] During an unauthorized visit to the bar with Silver, a catfight is brewing. She thinks that you want to steal her boyfriend again.

[Male] You hang with your mate Trevor in your favourite bar. At the counter, he leans over to you and beckons toward the blond beauty in the corner over there, probably waiting for someone for a while now. Show him!

reward: 20 diamonds
Top | Tellville

Bugging guests Edit

Fight Mission:
[Female] One of the guests in the Loophole chats you up bluntly, while he stares down your cleavage: Defend yourself and brush him off. You deserve better!

[Male] One of the guests in Hooper's lays his hands on the girls on the dance flooer. You know what you have to do!

reward: 5 skill points Top | Tellville

Completely Flexible Edit

Stamina Mission:
Time for some yoga! Not necessarily because you strongly believe in its calming and relaxing effect.
But ideally it'll make you more flexible or it might give you ideas for some fun new positions.
reward: 30 energy, 5 skill points Top | Tellville

Fun with Flyers Edit

Time Mission:
Your boss Hopper asks you to hand out flyers in the small mall in the city centre: Tomorrow you’ll be showing the salacious 3D porn film “In too deep”. Can you distribute 150 flyers to the people?

reward: 20 diamonds
Top | Tellville

Colourful Diversity Edit

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