This is a list of locations available in Big Bang Empire.

Area Place Unlock from
0 Tellville Level 1
1 Colourful Diversity Level 7
2 Santo Roco Level 10
3 Los Vengeles Level 30
4 Industrial Area Level 70
5 Port Level 110
6 Beach Level 150
7 Beverly Humps Level 200
8 Shangri-La Level 250
9 Camp 69 Level 300

Tellville Edit

Location tellville


The world is full of adventure, just not in Tellville: That is why you want to escape this suburban place on the outskirts of nowhere. You need connections and cash and so you sign up with Rocko in the local porn cinema. Good luck!
All new players start in Tellville. All conventions held here are available to everyone, whereas the other locations have to be unlocked before you can access them.

Colourful Diversity Edit

Location colourful

Colourful Diversity

The scent of freedom and informality in the brightly lit streets of the "Colourful Diversity", Tellville's motley party mile. Pamela Paradis, the queen of variety, invites you to a pub crawl with sex, show and champagne.

Santo Roco Edit

Trent, the porn producer, is over the moon with you. He takes you to Santo Roco. You find a small apartment in the infamous suburb of Los Vengeles. You know that they have only been waiting for you. Go snap up some lucrative jobs and get to know the business!

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