Your Successes is a list of achievements that can be completed in the game.

This overview shows you special successes that you can accomplish or have already accomplished. News awaits you in your success list whenever the red exclamation mark shows up!

You can also take a look at the successes of other players. To do so just visit the profile of the desired player and click on "Successes".

# Type Category Title Description Reward Location
1 SECOND TIME AROUND Go on your second mission
2 STAR PORN CAREER I Reach level 3 27 notes
3 FIRST NEW DELIVERY Refresh the shop offer
4 STAR ALL-ROUNDER I 15/15 points per skill
5 STAR COMPETITION? WHERE! Take a look at the ranking list
6 STAR GOOD DAY, HOW IS IT GOING? Visit a player profile
7 STAR A GOOD INVESTMENT Buy a skill point Item
8 STAR SHOPPING FRENZY I 100/100 notes spent a day
9 STAR NO PAIN, NO GAIN I 1:00/1:00 hours worked
10 DOUBLE BEAT-UP Fight your second duel
11 IS THIS ART ...? Sell an old item
12 UP, UP AND AWAY! I 5/5 missions completed
13 CLIMB THE PEDESTAL I 350/350 glory gained
14 STAR PORN CAREER II Reach level 5 Work Booster (50%)
15 DIVA I 5/5 duels fought
16 STUDIO WELL HELLO THERE! Visit another studio
17 STAR FOOD FOR THE LENS Have your photo taken by the photographer
18 STUDIO THE INNER OF THE TEMPLE Enter the Temple of Unfulfilled Desires
19 STUDIO STRONG TOGETHER! Reach the top 100 with your studio in the temple competition
22 STUDIO OVER 3000! II 10/10 times collected 3000 or more temple points in a week 35 energy
23 STUDIO OVER 3000! I 5/5 times collected 3000 or more temple points in a week
24 STUDIO OVER 3000! III 15/15 times collected 3000 or more temple points in a week
25 STUDIO OVER 3000! V 40/40 times collected 3000 or more temple points in a week 9 skill points
26 STUDIO MAXIMUM EFFORT! Make the most with your studio colleagues until you reach the first place at the temple competition! Item,

Title (the Enlighted)

27 STUDIO OVER 3000! IV 25/25 times collected 3000 or more temple points in a week
28 STAR BADLY DRESSED IS SO YESTERDAY Equip your star completely
29 STAR ALL-ROUNDER II 25/25 points per skill
30 CLIMB THE PEDESTAL II 500/500 glory gained
31 STAR DOPING PERMITTED! Buy yourself a skill booster
32 STAR PROMOTION! Buy a work booster
33 STAR DRESS MY HAIR Dress your hair (change your hairstyle)
34 STAR IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD Go under the knife (change your face or body)
35 UP, UP AND AWAY! II 10/10 missions completed
36 STAR COME AGAIN Return to the game tomorrow
37 STAR PORN CAREER III Reach level 8
38 STAR SHOPPING FRENZY II 500/500 notes spent a day
39 AND IT KEEPS ON RUNNING, AND RUNNING, AND RUNNING 2/2 dressed up as a battery bunny
40 DIVA II 10/10 duels fought
41 ROUND-THE-WORLD TRIP I Reach area 2
42 CLIMB THE PEDESTAL III 750/750 glory gained
43 STAR ALL-ROUNDER III 50/50 points per skill
44 RARE FUN! Buy a rare item
45 STUDIO STUDIO WORK Become a member in a studio
46 STAR HELP AMONG FRIENDS 1/1 batteries sent
47 UNDERAPPRECIATED MUSICAL TALENT 10/10 Times singing sailors invited inside Paradis Bar
48 CONFUSION AHEAD 10/10 Times gender mixups cleared up
49 Charisma MISSIONS QUEEN OF BURLESQUE 10/10 Times Lynette Luxeux impressed 30 energy Colourful Diversity
50 MARKETING STRATEGIST 10/10 Times marketing strategy developed with Marc...
51 Strength MISSIONS POLE POSITION 10/10 Times impressed with your pole dancing skills 30 energy Colourful Diversity
52 DISCOVERY TOUR 10/10 Times accompanied Pamela Paradis on tour
53 CHAMPAGNE DELIGHTS 5/5 Times danced inside the Champagne glass
54 DRAG GENIUS 5/5 Times appeared in Drag Shows
55 DEFEAT? WHAT IS THAT? I 5/5 duels won in a row
56 EPIC FAIL I 5/5 duel lost
57 STAR IT'S A PUSHOVER FOR YOU! Buy a mission booster
58 STAR SHOPPING FRENZY III 1000/1000 notes spent a day
59 I AM NOT ALONE! I 10/10 duels fought each day
60 SHOP SHOPPING-TOUR I 5/5 times renewed per day Item
61 STAR NO PAIN, NO GAIN II 10:00/10:00 hours worked
62 CLIMB THE PEDESTAL IV 1000/1000 glory gained
63 THE WIPE OUT I 10/10 duels won
64 STAR PORN CAREER IV Reach level 12
65 STAR PREMIERE PARTY Produced your first own porn film
66 SIMPLY EPIC! Buy an epic item
67 I'M AWAKE! I'M AWAKE! Refill your energy
68 STUDIO GOT SOME CHANGE? Donate to the studio cash box
69 UP, UP AND AWAY! III 25/25 missions completed
70 DIVA III 20/20 duels fought
71 STAR ALL-ROUNDER IV 100/100 points per skill
72 STAR SHOPPING FRENZY IV 2500/2500 notes spent a day
73 STAR FULLTIME ON! I 5/5 days active
74 STAR CHARITY I 5/5 batteries sent
75 EPIC FAIL II 10/10 duels lost
76 PLAYING WITH FIRE I 1/1 difficult opponents defeated
77 STAR PORN CAREER V Reach level 16
78 SHOP SHOPPING-TOUR II 10/10 times renewed per day
79 NEW USED STUFF I 10/10 offers obtained
80 THROWAWAY SOCIETY I 100/100 times missiles used
81 PERMANENT BODY DECORATION Beautify your body with a hot tattoo
82 THE WIPE OUT II 25/25 duels won
83 DEFEAT? WHAT IS THAT? II 10/10 duels won in a row
84 SHOPPING FRENZY V 5000/5000 notes spent in a day
85 STUDIO ONE FOR ALL! ALL FOR ONE! Fight a studio fight
86 UP, UP AND AWAY! IV 50/50 missions completed
87 BURNING BERNIE FESTIVAL Unlock the Burning Bernie Festival
88 CHARITY II 10/10 batteries sent
89 FILMOGRAHPY I 2/2 films produced
90 CLIMB THE PEDESTAL V 2000/2000 glory gained
91 DIVA IV 50/50 duels fought
92 I AM NOT ALONE! II 25/25 duels fought each day
93 FULLTIME ON! II 10/10 days active
94 MEETING DIRECTORS Collected 3/3 business cards of directors
95 CAUGHT! 3/3 times caught the lighting technician Joe red-handed
96 PARTY CHICKS Completed your first task at a party
97 NO PAIN, NO GAIN III 50:00/50:00 hours worked
98 BAR FLIRT MASTER 2/2 bar flirts successfully completed
99 FULLTIME ON! III 20/20 days active
100 ALL-ROUNDER V 200/200 points per skill
101 STAGE FRIGHT Complete a show at a convention
102 THE WIPE OUT III 50/50 duels won
103 PORN CAREER VI Reach level 25
104 SHOPPING FRENZY VI 10,000/10,000 notes spent a day
105 NO CHANCE FOR PARTY POOPERS Complete a Boss Mission on a Party
106 CHARITY III 25/25 batteries sent
107 PLAYING WITH FIRE II 5/5 difficult opponents defeated
108 STUDIO GAME, SET AND MATCH I 3/3 studio fights won
109 UP, UP AND AWAY! V 100/100 missions completed
110 THE HELP 3/3 worked as a sexy cowboy/girl
111 STAGE HOG I 5/5 times took part at a convention
112 CLIMB THE PEDESTAL VI 3000/3000 glory gained
113 PORN CATALOG PRO Read through the porn catalogue 2/2 times
114 APPOINTEE ALARM 2/2 times greeted the mayor
115 FULLTIME ON! IV 30/30 days active
116 GAME, SET AND MATCH I 3/3 studio fights won
117 TOWING SERVICE 2/2 towed attractive neighbours
118 DIVA V 100/100 duels won
119 NO PAIN, NO GAIN IV 100:00/100:00 hours worked
120 SEWING MACHINE Use the sewing machine
121 ROUND-THE-WORLD TRIP II Reach area 3
122 FUN WITH FLYERS 2/2 times handed out event flyers
123 SHAKE A LEG 2/2 times danced all night long
124 STUDIO WARM FEUD GLOVES I 5/5 studio fights fought
125 CHARITY IV 50/50 batteries sent
126 NEW USED STUFF II 25/25 offers obtained
127 THROWAWAY SOCIETY II 500/500 times missiles used
128 DEFEAT? WHAT IS THAT? III 20/20 duels won in a row
129 STAGE HOG II 10/10 times took part at a convention
130 ALL-ROUNDER VI 300/300 points per skill
131 FIRST-RATE DUMP 3/3 times got rid of Trent's competitors
132 PLAYING WITH FIRE III 10/10 difficult opponents defeated
133 FLASH MOB KING/QUEEN Organised 2/2 flash mobs.
134 FILMOGRAPHY II 5/5 films produced
135 CLIMB THE PEDESTAL VII 4000/4000 glory gained
136 THE WIPE OUT IV 100/100 duels won
137 ONLINE SHOWMASTER 2/2 times done an online striptease
138 FULLTIME ON! V 50/50 days active
139 STUDIO COMPLETELY OFF THE MARK! I 3/3 studio fights lost
140 EPIC FAIL III 50/50 duels lost
141 PORN CAREER VII Reach level 25
142 SHOPPING FRENZY VII 25,000/25,000 notes spent a day
143 SHOP SHOPPING-TOUR III 25/25 times renewed per day
144 CHARITY V 100/100 batteries sent
145 UP, UP AND AWAY! VI 200/200 missions completed
146 REFINED PIECE! Item refined in Misty's atelier
147 YOU SHALL NOT PASS 4/4 bouncers reprimanded
148 STUDIO WARM FEUD GLOVES II 10/10 studio fights fought
149 ALL-ROUNDER VII 400/400 points per skill
150 BUGGING GUESTS 2/2 calmed down bugging guests
151 REPRIMAND PORN STAR 3/3 times reprimanded Jimmy Big
152 PARTY ANIMAL Visited 4/4 launch parties
153 ALL NIGHT LONG! I 10/10 party missions completed
154 PUSHY FANS 4/4 pushy fans warded off
156 CLIMB THE PEDESTAL VIII 5000/5000 glory gained
157 MAKE ENDS MEET 4/4 looked for side jobs
158 REFINED RARITY Give an item a rare refinement
159 I AM NOT ALONE! III 50/50 duels fought each day 30 diamonds
160 STAGE HOG III 25/25 times took part at a convention
161 CHARITY VI 150/150 batteries sent
162 HELPER IN THE TIME OF NEED Master your first Dickstarter task
163 THROWAWAY SOCIETY II 1000/1000 times missiles used
164 BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR I 10/10 items whipstitched
165 EMERGENCY SERVICE I 3/3 Dickstarter tasks mastered
166 HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTION I Shot a 3 star film
167 FRIENDSHIP MAINTENANCE 4/4 times met with Hannibal Licker
168 EMERGENCY SERVICE II 5/5 Dickstarter tasks mastered
169 UP, UP AND AWAY! VII 300/300 missions completed
170 CLIMB THE PEDESTAL IX 6000/6000 glory gained
171 DIVA VI 250/250 duels fought
172 NO PAIN, NO GAIN V 250:00/250:00 hours worked
173 EMERGENCY SERVICE III 10/10 Dickstarter tasks mastered
174 NEW USED STUFF 50/50 offers obtained
175 PORN CAREER VIII Reach level 45
176 SHOPPING FRENZY VII 50,000/50,000 notes spent a day
177 GAME, SET AND MATCH II 10/10 studio fights won
178 ALL-ROUNDER VIII 500/500 points per skill
179 A FRIEND, A TRUE FRIEND 3/3 times got friends into a club
180 EMERGENCY SERVICE IV 15/15 Dickstarter tasks mastered
181 EPIC FAIL IV 100/100 duels lost
182 CUPBOARD INVENTORY 3/3 times searched your cupboard
183 SHOP SHOPPING-TOUR IV 50/50 times renewed per day
184 MY PRECIOUSSSS! 1/1 trophies captured 40 diamonds
193 Time MISSIONS TONGUE ACROBATICS Completed 10/10 language exercises 8,972 experience Tellville
194 Fight MISSIONS HELLO, DOLLY! Fought down Dolly 10/10 times 30 energy Tellville
199 Time MISSIONS SOUVENIR VIDEO 10/10 times videotaped fun with Hank 8,972 experience Santo Roco
200 Fight MISSIONS INSURANCE MATTERS 10/10 times Insurance Agents chased off 30 energy Santo Roco
201 Stamina MISSIONS PWNED! 10/10 times sweated for commercials 30 energy Santo Roco
202 Time MISSIONS QUALITY ASSURANCE 10/10 times new products successfully tested 8,972 experience Los Vengeles
203 Fight MISSIONS CHIHUAHUAGATE 10/10 times calmed Charlene and her dog 30 energy Los Vengeles
204 Strength MISSIONS OUT OF COMPETITION 10/10 times convinced during Viking casting 30 energy Los Vengeles
205 Fight MISSIONS UNDERAPPRECIATED MUSICAL TALENT 50/50 Times singing sailors invited inside Paradis Bar 38 energy Colourful Diversity
206 Fight MISSIONS CONFUSION AHEAD 50/50 Times gender mixups cleared up 5 skill points Colourful Diversity
208 Finesse MISSIONS MARKETING STRATEGIST 50/50 Times marketing strategy developed with Marc 38 energy Colourful Diversity
210 Time MISSIONS DISCOVERY TOUR 50/50 Times accompanied Pamela Paradis on tour 5 skill points Colourful Diversity
211 Time MISSIONS CHAMPAGNE DELIGHTS 20/20 Times danced inside the Champagne glass 35 energy Colourful Diversity
217 STAR FULLTIME ON! VI 100/100 days active 20 diamonds
235 Time MISSIONS AND IT KEEPS ON RUNNING, AND RUNNING, AND RUNNING 80/80 times dressed up as a battery bunny 5 skill points Tellville
238 SHOP SHOPPING-TOUR V 100/100 times renewed per day 9 skill points, Title (Shopping King/Queen)
241 Time MISSIONS TIME TO SHOWER! Had fun in the shower 10/10 times Item Santo Roco
242 Fight MISSIONS IMPROVISATION TALENT Saved 10/10 shoots with Amanda Manhood 4 skill points Santo Roco
243 Fight MISSIONS PERSONAL TRAINING 10/10 times filled in as a personal trainer 4 skill points Santo Roco
262 STUDIO HOBBY COLLECTOR I 5/5 trophies captured 20 diamonds
263 SHOP BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR IV 100/100 items whipstitched Item, Title (With Swift Fingers)
264 STAR CHARITY VIII 350/350 batteries sent 15 energy
270 Time MISSIONS MEETING DIRECTORS Collected 50/50 business cards of directors 5 skill points Santo Roco
271 Fight MISSIONS CAUGHT! 230/230 times caught the lighting technician Joe red-handed Booster Santo Roco
272 Time MISSIONS BAR FLIRT MASTER 40/40 bar flirts successfully completed 38 energy Tellville
278 Fight MISSIONS PLAYING WITH FIRE V 100/100 difficult opponents defeated Item
284 Time MISSIONS THE HELP 20/20 worked as a sexy cowboy/girl 5 skill points Santo Roco
287 Time MISSIONS PORN CATALOG PRO Read through the porn catalogue 30/30 times Item Tellville
288 Time MISSIONS APPOINTEE ALARM 40/40 times greeted the mayor 5 skill points Tellville
290 DUELS I AM NOT ALONE! IV 100/100 duels fought each day 30 diamonds
291 Fight MISSIONS TOWING SERVICE 80/80 towed attractive neighbours 5 skill points Tellville
295 Time MISSIONS FUN WITH FLYERS 40/40 times handed out event flyers Item Tellville
296 Time MISSIONS SHAKE A LEG 40/40 times danced all night long 38 energy Tellville
299 Fight MISSIONS FIRST-RATE DUMP 140/140 times got rid of Trent's competitors 5 skill points Santo Roco
301 Time MISSIONS FLASH MOB QUEEN/KING Organised 30/30 flash mobs 5 skill points Tellville
303 Time MISSIONS ONLINE SHOWMASTER 30/30 times done an online striptease show Item Tellville
306 STUDIO WARM FEUD GLOVES V 100/100 studio fights fought 30 energy
310 Fight MISSIONS YOU SHALL NOT PASS 210/210 bouncer reprimanded 5 skill points Los Vengeles
311 Convention MISSIONS STAGE HOG VI 250/250 times took part at conventions 36 energy
312 Fight MISSIONS BUGGING GUESTS 80/80 calmed down bugging guests 5 skill points Tellville
313 Fight MISSIONS REPRIMAND PORN STAR 130/130 times reprimanded Jimmy Big Item Santo Roco
314 Time MISSIONS PARTY ANIMAL Visited 40/40 launch parties 5 skill points Los Vengeles
315 SHOP MISTY'S REGULAR IV 100/100 items refined in Misty's atelier 10 diamonds
316 Fight MISSIONS PUSHY FANS 150/150 pushy fans warded off Item Los Vengeles
319 Time MISSIONS MAKE ENDS MEET 30/30 looked for side jobs 5 skill points Los Vengeles
321 Time MISSIONS EARGASM Received 10/10 tutoring sessions in spoiling the ear 4 skill points Los Vengeles
322 Fight MISSIONS LIKE A GOOD WINE... "Practised" 10/10 times with the silver fox 4 skill points Los Vengeles
323 Stamina MISSIONS TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE Completed 10/10 intensive trainings with twins 30 energy Los Vengeles
325 Diskstarter MISSIONS EMERGENCY SERVICE X 190/190 Dickstarter tasks mastered Item
327 Time MISSIONS FRIENDSHIP MAINTENANCE 40/40 times met with Hannibal Licker 5 skill points Los Vengeles
328 MISSIONS UP, UP AND AWAY XIII 2000/2000 missions completed 5 skill points
329 SHOP NEW USED STUFF V 250/250 offers obtained 4 skill points
330 Fight MISSIONS A FRIEND, A TRUE FRIEND 130/130 times got friends into a club Item Santo Roco
331 Time MISSIONS CUPBOARD INVENTORY 30/30 times searched your cupboard 5 skill points Santo Roco
332 Time MISSIONS STAYING ATHLETIC 30/30 went jogging Item Los Vengeles
333 STAR SHOPPING FRENZY XIII 1,000,000/1,000,000 notes spent a day Item
339 Time MISSIONS DREAMS ARE FOR DREAMERS 20/20 recorded wet dreams 5 skill points Santo Roco
343 Stamina MISSIONS COMPLETELY FLEXIBLE Completed 50/50 yoga exercises 5 skill points Tellville
358 Time MISSIONS DRAG GENIUS 50/50 Times appeared in Drag Shows 4 skill points Colourful Diversity
359 Fight MISSIONS PLAYING WITH FIRE VI 250/250 difficult opponents defeated Item
365 Time MISSIONS PORN BRAINSTORMING 40/40 times collected ideas for your own porn films 38 energy Los Vengeles
366 SHOP PILE OF WASHING III 100/100 items washed item, Title (Freshly Scrubbed)
368 DUELS CLIMB THE PEDESTAL XVIII 30,000/30,000 glory gained Item
369 Time MISSIONS SPORTS IN THE PARK 30/30 times jogged in the park 5 skill points Santo Roco
370 Time MISSIONS ALIENS AND COWGIRLS Watched "Aliens and Cowgirls" 20/20 times 5 skill points Santo Roco
371 STUDIO GAME, SET AND MATCH V 100/100 studio fights won 5 skill points
372 DUELS DIVA IX 2000/2000 duels fought 3 skill points
387 Time MISSIONS GETTING FAMOUS 30/30 times went out with other actors Item Los Vengeles
394 Fight MISSIONS TOURIST BUNCH 140/140 times sent unfriendly tourists packing 5 skill points Los Vengeles
395 STAR NO PAIN, NO GAIN VIII 2500:00/2500:00 hours worked Item
398 Time MISSIONS THE GREAT FAMINE 60/60 times refilled the catering stand 5 skill points Industrial Area
401 Time MISSIONS PAPER TIGER 30/30 paperwork finished Item Industrial Area
402 Time MISSIONS FAN SERVICE 30/30 times satisfied fans Item Los Vengeles
409 STAR HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTION VIII Shot 300/300 3 star films 12,628 notes
411 Time MISSIONS GREAT THOUGHTS 30/30 times finalised career plans 5 skill points Industrial Area
415 DUELS THE WIPE OUT VIII 2500/2500 duels won 5 skill points
417 Time MISSIONS LIKE AND ELEPHANT 20/20 porn titles learned by heart 5 skill points Industrial Area
423 Time MISSIONS NEGOTIATING TALENT 30/30 times bought scripts cheaply 5 skill points Industrial Area
424 Time MISSIONS TIME FOR YOURSELF Spent time at a spa 10/10 times 4 skill points Industrial Area
425 Fight MISSIONS SET PRIORITIES Helps out the delivery guy 10/10 times 4 skill points Industrial Area
426 Charisma MISSIONS GOOD FRIENDS... 10/10 friends convinced 4 skill points Industrial Area
431 STAR PORN CAREER XVI Reach level 140 40 diamonds
432 Time MISSIONS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD 20/20 wrote your own porn scripts 5 skill points Industrial Area
441 Time MISSIONS AWARD-WORTHY 5/5 times wrote new scripts. 4 skill points Port
446 Time MISSIONS LIKE A DROWNED RAT 5/5 times got wet at the port 4 skill points, Title (Dripping Wet) Port
447 Fight MISSIONS TOURIST BUNCH 170/170 times sent the unfriendly tourist packing 5 skill points Industrial Area
450 Time MISSIONS STAYING IN CONTACT 20/20 times talked to Trent 5 skill points Industrial Area
461 MISSIONS ROUND-THE-WORLD TRIP V Reach area 6 3 skill points
464 Party MISSIONS PARTY KING/QUEEN III 100/100 boss missions completed at a party 30 energy
465 Time MISSIONS GOOD MOOD 20/20 celebrated parties after shooting Item Industrial Area
483 Time MISSIONS YOU NEVER STOP LEARNING Seduced a foreign sailor 50/560 times Item Port
485 Fight MISSIONS FLIRT CHAMPIONSHIP 150/150 times make a flirt opponent look like a fool Item Industrial Area
488 Fight MISSIONS ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE Endure the torture by Marquis de Sack 170/170 times. Item Port
492 Party MISSIONS ALL NIGHT LONG! V 500/500 party missions completed Item
503 Fight MISSIONS CONQUEROR OF THE KUNI LINGUS Outdid the Kuni Lingus casting 150/150 times Item Port
509 STAR JURY MEMBER IV Voted for 1000/1000 films 5 skill points
514 Time MISSIONS S&M GRANDMASTER Crammed BDSM terms 30/30 times Item Port
516 STAR ALL-ROUNDER XVIII 3000/3000 points per skill Item
524 Time MISSIONS DOLLHOUSE REGULAR Spent a few dollhouse dollars in the dollhouse 30/30 times 38 energy Port
531 Time MISSIONS FISH & SHRIMPS Handed out shrimp and tuna pies 30/30. 5 skill points Port
662 DUELS THROWAWAY SOCIETY V 100,000/100,000 times missiles used 5 skill points
751 STAR FILMOGRAPHY IX 250/250 films produced Item, Title (Had Them All!)
784 STAR CHART-STORMER Reached 1st place 3/3 times at the Big Bang Awards. 25 skill points, Title (Legend)
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