Career steps are extra missions that can be done in unlocked locations. They allow you to advance the story of your star, to leave a lasting impression in the game world and to get exclusive items. Players who reached at least level 25 can return to Tellville and start a new challenge there. After completing this story line, you'll get an epic reward for your star and additional missions in Tellville. In addition, you leave a visible impression in Tellville. The items rewarded are part of the collection Career-obsessed (female), Career-obsessed (male).

When doing a career step mission, the career boss will present you with special missions to complete. When you finish a set of the missions, you then face the boss itself in a fight! When you have hit a high enough level, and a career boss is available, they announce themselves with an introductory screen. In the upper left corner, you will see a preview of your new nemesis. This screen also describes the problem facing you, and describes the rewards you will get for defeating the boss. Generally, you get an item, some skill points, you upgrade a map area to unlock more missions.

While you are working on a career boss, the area the boss lives in will have a status bar on the mission screen, and the overview map will have an icon of your opponent on that area.

Typically, your mission is to collect items that will start appearing as rewards for missions within that area. These items will show up on the overview screen, and also within the mission description.

At some point you will complete that boss’s mission. On to the fight! The status bar in the area will change to a portrait of the boss with a pink exclamation mark.

Click on it to challenge the boss! These bosses are often quite difficult to defeat. You can, of course, be a coward and pay them off using diamonds, but what is the fun of that? Click start to begin your duel!

You may not defeat the boss the first time through. You can challenge the boss again in an hour. Watch the fights to see how the boss is defeating you, and adjust your build and equipment to respond.

After you defeat the boss, collect your rewards! Enjoy the upgraded look of that area, and the new missions!

List of career steps Edit

Here is a complete list of career bosses, with locations and items to collect.

Level Location Career Step Collect item Boss
25 Tellville Sex Machina recommendations Carlo Coitus
90 Tellville Into the Mountains holiday money Silver / Trevor
130 Santo Roco The Critic reviews Dick Ryder
35 Santo Roco The Fake Manager clues Manager
65 Los Vengeles The Temple of Lust map fragments Wang Dong
170 Los Vengeles The Dildomancer dildos Dildomancer
150 Industrial Area The Wrecked Warehouse clues Pete Brat
Industrial Area The Super-Dildo blueprints Richard E. Ville
195 Port Porn Piracy logs Porn Pirate
Beach The Porn Plagiarist knockoffs Plagiarist
Beverly Humps Robot Love transistors Fuckotron

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