There are a number of assets that a player can earn or collect while playing. These are : notes and diamonds, experience and levels, skill points, fans and glory. Some resources that a player can use include energy, courage, film energy and batteries.

Notes Edit

Notes are the common currency in Big Bang Empire, and are easier to obtain than diamonds. They are used to buy most things in the game. You can get notes by doing missions, conventions, duels, work, making films or selling items. Logging in daily and some successes may reward you with notes. Notes can be used for buying skill points, extra energy, items in the shop, boosters; extending an expired film shoot, and donating to your studio.

How do I receive notes?

  • through work
  • through missions
  • through duels
  • through conventions
  • through parties
  • through studio battles
  • through the sale of items
  • regularly through login bonus
  • on certain achievements


Diamonds Edit

Although you can earn some diamonds while playing for free, they are the premium currency in the game, and can be bought on the Buy Diamonds page. Diamonds can sometimes be gained from doing missions, duels, making films and voting on ballots for the Big Bang Awards. Logging in daily, some successes and ballots may reward you with diamonds. Some things can be paid for with notes or diamonds, others are diamonds only. Shop items such as missiles, surprise boxes, and items that award titles are priced in diamonds only. You can use diamonds to change your look (your style), refresh the shop items for sale, buy storage tabs, boosters and hunting instinct; pay for extra use of the washing machine, Misty's atelier, refill courage, energy and film energy. In a studio, diamonds can be used for studio boosters, cakes, doubles, and upgrades to the studio such as studio name, studio set items, and expansion.

Tip: because diamonds are harder to find than notes, it is better to save them for the more essential things, unless you can buy many with real world money.


Experience Edit

Experience is used to gain levels. You can earn experience in film shoots, and all missions, such as those in film shoots, conventions and parties. Hovering the mouse pointer over the experience bar can show you how much experience is needed to complete the current level.

How do I get experience?

  • through missions
  • through conventions
  • through parties
  • regularly by login bonus
  • on certain achievements


Levels Edit

Levels are an indicator of how much experience you have. At certain levels, items, services or locations are unlocked and made available. When you gain a level, you are given 2 skill points for free, and the quality of items that you can find also improves.

This is a list of locations and the levels that unlock them.

Level Location
1 Tellville
10 Santo Roco
15 Colourful Diversity
30 Los Vengeles
70 Industrial Area
110 Port
150 Beach
200 Beverly Humps
250 Shangri-La
300 Camp 69

This is a list of activities and the levels that unlock them.

Level Activity
8 able to shoot films
9 decorations unlocked
10 missile slot unlocked
15 you can find ballots on missions
20 6 new inventory slots
25 Sewing machine unlocked
40 DickStarter unlocked
40 6 new inventory slots
40 Parties
50 Washing machine unlocked


Skill points Edit

There are four skills: strength, stamina, charisma and finesse, which are used for skill missions and fights.

4 skills

Strength influences the damage you can make with each hit. One point of strength adds one point of damage to your hit.

Stamina influences the amount of hit points you have. One point of stamina adds 10 hit points.

Charisma influences how often you can perform a critical hit. The percentage of chance is calculated according to the difference of charisma points between you and your opponent.

Finesse influences how often you can avoid hits of your opponent. The percentage of chance is calculated according to the difference of finesse points between you and your opponent.

You can use notes to pay for skill points, or you can find free points in missions, film shoots, temple challenges, movie ballots, achievements.

Fans Edit

Fans can only be gained from film shoots, and the number of fans you have influences the number of visitors you can get when doing convention shows. The number of fans you have is used to calculate how many visitors you get to a convention show, but the number of visitors will reduce with each following show. You can see how many fans you have on Your Star page, in your profile information. You can also sort by fan numbers on the ranking list, under the Stars list.

Glory Edit

Glory is lost and won in duels and studio fights. If you win a duel you can gain some glory, unless you are ranked far higher than your opponent in the ranking list, for which you may just get the money reward.

You can see how much glory you have on Your Star page, in your profile information. You can also sort by glory level on the ranking list, under the Stars list and the Studios list.

Energy Edit

Energy is needed to perform missions. At the start of each day, you are given 100 energy, and can buy more after it is used up. You can buy 50 energy four times with notes, and then with diamonds. A mission booster can reduce the amount of energy needed for missions. Energy is not used in film shoots, conventions or parties. You can receive voucher codes for energy by taking part in a successful convention, and there is an energy storage available above the remote control on mission pages.

Film energy Edit

Film energy is needed to do film shoots. At the start of a film shoot, you have a full meter of 30 film energy, with film tasks using up this energy. Film energy refills at 1 film energy per minute. After using some energy, it can take up to 30 minutes to fill up the bar. If a film shoot expires before you can complete it, you can wait for the energy bar to fill up before paying to extend the film shoot by 30 minutes.

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