The navigation bar, or action bar is a menu at the bottom of most pages, with icons as links to other areas of the game.

Navigation bar

The links, from left to right, go to:

Main character

Your Star - Your avatar's profile page, with skill points, inventory, your style.

Main map

Missions - Map overview and locations for missions, conventions and parties.

Main shop

Shop - Buy and sell items, inventory, sewing machine, washing machine, refinements and Wanda's secret shop.

Main duel

Duels - Player versus Player fights.

Main work

Work - Earn extra notes.

Main booster

Boosters - Buy boosters for missions, skills or work. Hunting instinct also available.

Main movie

Film Shoot - Make films for rewards and the Big Bang Awards.

Main studio

Your Studio - Work together with other stars (like a guild).

Main leaderboard

Ranking List - Ranking for stars, studios, Big Bang Awards and Temple competition.

Main buy diamonds

Buy Diamonds - Spend real money to buy the premium game currency.

To the right of the action bar, which is the bottom right corner of the screen, is the icon for the Settings menu.

Icon options

Settings or Options menu has the game settings available. It has the server name and server clock. Options include Invite, Account, Game, Sound, Coupon, Forum, Support, and Logout.

At the top of the page, there are some more icons.

Icon envelope

The messaging system handles the in-game mail and battery requests.

Icon goal

The yellow pad leads to Your Successes.

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